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Samsung Premium Care Warranty: Is It Worth It?



In this guide we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the Samsung Premium Care warranty for your Galaxy S8, S8+, Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9 and more. Then, compare it to carrier insurance and alternatives like Squaretrade. If you’re asking yourself, “Is Samsung Premium Care worth it?” or “should I get smartphone insurance?” we’re here to help.

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If you’re looking for damage or accident insurance for your Galaxy smartphone we’ve done the hard work for you. Below we’ll briefly explain the benefits of Premium Care then compare it to all of the competition.

Every new Galaxy phone comes with one month of Premium Care for free. However, once that ends it automatically cancels unless you agree to pay $11.99 a month for protection. It’s like insurance but has a whole lot more to offer. Originally, your phone has a standard limited 1-year warranty. Samsung Premium Care extends that to 2-years and gives you tons of additional benefits.

Premium Care comes with same-day screen repairs, hand-delivered replacements in some cases, not to mention a low deductible and at home tech support visits. Basically covering any and all situations. In my opinion, Premium Care is totally worth it.

Samsung Premium Care vs Insurance Plans

When it comes to buying smartphone insurance or an extended warranty there are multiple things you’ll want to consider. Some of those include how many replacement devices can you get per year, does the plan cover loss or theft, and remember to pay close attention to the deductible.

Insurance ProviderCostDeductible# of ReplacementsOther Details
Samsung Premium Care$11.99 per month or $288/2 years$99Up to 3 replacements per yearNo coverage for loss or theft
Verizon (Asurion)$11 per month or $264/2 years$199Up to 2 replacements per yearCovers loss or theft
T-Mobile$10 per month or more$275Up to 2 replacements per yearCovers loss or theft
AT&T (Asurion or CNA)$9-11 per month or $216/2 years$225Up to 2 replacements per yearCovers loss or theft
Sprint$17 per month or $408/2 years$250Up to 2 replacements per yearCovers loss or theft, plus 25GB backup service
SquareTrade$129 for 2 years$99Only 1 replacement per yearNo coverage for loss or theft
Geek Squad$11 per month or $264/2 years$150Only 1 replacement per yearCovers loss or theft (and transferable)

As you can see above Samsung’s Premium Care is one of the most affordable. While almost every insurance plan costs nearly the same each month, the deductible can vary substantially. That’s how much you have to spend (out of pocket) to actually get a replacement.

If you shatter the screen on your Galaxy Note 9 and have Premium Care you’ll spend $12 that month to have insurance, and then only $99 to get your phone replaced in less than one day. You can even take it to a nearby UBREAKIFIX for a repair in under an hour. That’s $111 to get your phone back up and running in just a few hours.

However, that same screen replacement has a $200 deductible at carriers like Verizon, and even more if you have AT&T or Sprint. Plus, with carriers, you mail your phone away and wait for a replacement, which no one wants to do. Our phones are an invaluable tool we don’t want to go without for 3-4 days, if not longer.

At the same time, Carriers offer replacements for loss or theft. So if you break your phone Samsung’s Premium Care is affordable, but if you lose it, insurance is a better option.

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Additionally, it’s worth mentioning that SquareTrade is a pretty good option too. It’s cheap, has an affordable $99 out of pocket price, although they only allow one replacement per year. If you have a lot of accidents, we recommend Samsung Premium Care.

Other Details

In closing, keep in mind that most carriers actually offer a few different tier levels for protection. So while you can get a cheaper plan from Sprint, it’s not as useful. Or, you can get insurance from Best Buy’s Geek Squad for only 7.99 a month without loss or theft coverage, or $11 a month with it.

Basically, this just means that you’ll want to pay attention to the little details, the fine print, and know exactly what you want or need.

If you’re not worried about loss or theft, go with Samsung Premium Care or Geek Squad. If you’re looking to get insurance from a carrier Verizon has the best price out of the major four.

In closing, I have and use Samsung Premium Care. They’ll backup your damaged phone, restore everything to the new one, and hand-deliver a replacement phone depending on where you live. And, if you don’t live in a supported area, you can always go to a UBREAKIFIX store for quick help. Premium Care saved the day for me twice in 2018, and it’ll continue to pay the $11.99 a month glady.

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