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Samsung Promises Folding Galaxy Note for 2018



Will we see our first foldable smartphone display from Samsung in 2018? That’s the latest promise from Samsung themselves. For years on end, they’ve said it is coming soon but it might finally happen in 2018 on the Galaxy Note 9.

Fresh off the release of its new flagship Galaxy Note 8, Samsung is already planning for the future. Claiming the first foldable phone is coming sometime next year.

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As you can see from our link above, this isn’t the first time Samsung made such a claim. However, with a curved screen on every flagship device released this year, the company is pushing ahead as they perfect the technology. Here’s what you need to know and a teaser of what we can expect next year.

Samsung Electronics mobile president Koh Dong-jin officially shared the companies plans earlier this week while speaking to select members of the press. While other reports over the past few years were behind the scenes, this is the first public confirmation of a foldable display.

Koh said, “When we can overcome some problems for sure, we will launch the product.” He then followed up that statement by saying, “We are digging thoroughly into several issues we must overcome, as we don’t want to just make a few, sell a few and be done. We want to hear that Samsung made a very good product.”

Then, to end his statement Koh dropped a bombshell on reporters. Stating, “We have a plan to adopt a foldable display in our roadmap.” Along with a smart Bixby AI-powered speaker and other things.

However, that’s all we know at this time. Details surrounding the foldable display from Samsung are still light. We don’t know what to expect or when it’s coming, or if 2018 is really the year this idea becomes a reality. That’s the plan, but anything can change between now and late 2018.

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In 2012 Samsung debuted its first foldable display, then received a patent on the product a few years later. We still don’t know if this is two screens with a hinge in the middle. Or, if it’s a flexible and bendable screen that folds shut like a book. It’s all a complete mystery until more information emerges.

Either way, it looks like Samsung plans to release an all-new Galaxy Note 9 in 2018 that debuts a form factor we’ve never seen before. Stay tuned for more details.

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