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Secretlab & CS:GO Champions Astralis Partner For Gaming Chair



Astralis is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, names in CS:GO and to celebrate winning and holding the #1 rank for a year they partnered with Secretlab to offer up a special Secretlab Astralis: Chair of Champions Edition gaming chair.

This is based on the 2020 Secretlab gaming chair that we recently reviewed and loved the materials and build quality of. Here’s our 2020 Secretlab review for more on what’s new.

The new Secretlab x Astralis gaming chair is up for pre-order.

The new Secretlab x Astralis gaming chair is up for pre-order.

Astralis made history when they earned the top spot in the CS:GO HLTV rankings in 2018 and kept it for a full year through 2019.

The team’s pro players and staff will use Secretlab chairs. While they are designed for gaming, they are also great for use in an office.

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Jakob Lund Kristensen, EVP Sales and co-founder of Astralis explains the partnership, “Being some of the top professionals in our field, we are very selective of our partners, especially for hardware, where it heavily influences our performance. So when it came to selecting a gaming chair partner, Secretlab was without a doubt our first choice; their quality and comfort is
unparalleled. For professional gamers who spend more time in their chairs than in their beds, it is crucial that they use the very best so they can perform at the very best of their abilities.”

You can pre-order the Secretlab Astralis gaming chair right now in the Titan for $389 or Omega models for $429.

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