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Serena Smart Wood Blinds Automatically Tilt Through the Day



The new Serena Smart Wood Blinds from Lutron include Natural Light Optimization to automatically title throughout the day based on the sun’s location to keep your room lit up and comfortable, and to keep your art and furniture protected from fading.

We’ve previously reviewed Serena Smart Blinds and loved the convenience and ease of control, and this new option looks like a great way to upgrade your window treatments. The new Smart Wood Blinds connect to Caséta by Lutron or RA2 Select systems for control and you can use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to manually control the blinds.

Lutron found that 30% of consumers leave window coverings closed most of the time, but with smart blinds like these, you can enjoy views and light automatically as the blinds open throughout the day. You can also control the lights with your voice, the app, and a smart remote when your schedule changes.

These smart blinds install in about 20 minutes with no need to run wires. The blinds use D or AA batteries and in our experience last several years with regular use. Users can then set up schedules using the Lutron app.

The video above shows the Lutron Wood Blinds in action, including the ability to use your phone to set the direction that the window faces, to get the best light optimization.

  • Natural Light Optimization– Automatically tilt blinds to preset angles throughout the day to minimize direct glare yet enhance natural light and views. Schedules automatically adjust as the seasons change to provide continuous and maximum comfort day-after-day.
  • Façade Finder- Harnessing your phone’s built-in compass, the Lutron app’s Façade Finder will help you identify the direction of the window. With just a few clicks, the blinds will automatically tilt based on the sun’s position that time of the year.
  • Fade Fighter – Using this feature, the blinds will adjust their tilt position to minimize sunlight to protect floors, furniture, and artwork from fading or discoloration.
  • Easy installation and control– Install can be completed in an average of 20 minutes per blind, with no wiring required and powered by standard, off-the-shelf alkaline D or lithium AA batteries. Blinds can be controlled through voice command, smart remote, or the Lutron app.
  • Quiet, quality technology– The blinds are hand-crafted from North American basswood (available in a variety of painted and stained finishes) and provide ultra-quiet motion, precision tilt positioning technology, and feature Lutron’s hallmark and ultra-reliable ClearConnect wireless communication. They integrate seamlessly with Caséta by Lutron (Serena), RA2 Select (Triathlon), Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant.

The Smart Wood Blinds are available to order in Serena and Triathlon (RA2 Select) now. The Serena shades start at $599 for a 3′ x 5′ size and Triathlon start at $699 for a 3′ x 5′ size. You can buy these at Budget Blinds, Lutron dealers, and

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