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5 Reasons to Pre-Order The Division 2 & 3 Reasons to Wait



Pre-Order The Division 2 to Pre-Load

Pre-Order The Division 2 to Pre-Load

If you want to play The Division 2 as soon as it goes live on March 12th or March 15, depending on the version you buy, then you will want to pre-order. When you do this, you can pre-load if you buy the digital version direct from Epic, Ubisoft, Xbox or PlayStation. 

When you buy some digital versions of The Division 2 at GameStop you should still be able to pre-load the game. This is available starting today, so you can jump in and start downloading the game. 

The Division 2 pre-loads are live on PS4, Xbox One and PC now. THe PC version is 41.76GB, the PS4 download is 89.83GB, though the PlayStation store lists a 44.97GB download. On Xbox One, you will need to download a 42.3GB file. This will take some time to download, so start it up right now if you want to play on day one. 

You can expect a day one patch to arrive as well. This will likely come out on March 12th for the special editions and may be pre-loadable for the standard edition. 

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