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5 Reasons to Pre-Order The Division 2 & 3 Reasons to Wait



Pre-Order if You Like The Year Pass and DLC Info

Ubisoft outlined The Year 1 Pass already and we know about the in-game purchase options that they will roll out to anyone. If you like what they've shown us, it's a good idea to pre-order. 

One thing we like is that Ubisoft confirmed the in game purchases will be cosmetic skins, not any kind of skill enhancing items. Ubisoft says that they will have an in-game Apparel Store where players can buy specific cosmetic items, but they say,

"Our intention is for players to organically earn new pieces of Apparel as they enjoy the many different activities of The Division 2; getting cosmetics from gameplay should be fun, exciting and rewarding. For those who wish to speed up this process, or acquire specific Apparel, there will be choices to directly purchase individual cosmetics in the Apparel Store, or via Event Caches post launch." 

The Year 1 Pass is included with the Gold and Ultimate editions, but you can always buy it later if you want. You don't need to get it today. Here's what it includes;

  • 7-Day Early Access to Episode Narrative Content
    • Owners of the Pass will have a 7-day early access to the narrative content only, included in all Year 1 Episodes.

  • Instant unlock of the Year 1 Specializations
    • At launch, The Division 2 will include three Specializations, instantly available to everyone when reaching max level (Level 30).
    • Throughout Year 1, we will release three additional Specializations for your agent. Year 1 Pass holders will unlock these new specializations as soon as they're released.
    • For those who do not have the Year 1 Pass, specializations will be released at the same time, but must be unlocked over time through gameplay.
    • Year 1 Pass holders will also be able to earn exclusive cosmetic items with each Specialization's release.

  • Exclusive Access to Classified Assignments
    • Over the course of Year 1, Pass holders will have exclusive access to 8 Classified Assignments, which will provide more story behind the events leading to your arrival in D.C.
    • Completing each assignment will award you with a unique and exclusive backpack trophy to customize your Agent's look.

  • Additional Bounties and Projects
    • Bounties in The Division 2 are special tasks to eliminate specific enemy targets, while Projects are assignments to complete various tasks around D.C.
    • As a Year 1 Pass holder, you will get access to one additional Bounty per week and one extra Project per day for a Challenging mission.
    • This perk ends on March 1st, 2020.

  • Exclusive Cosmetic Items
    • Year 1 Pass holders will get access to these exclusive rewards: the Agent Ward Outfit and the Scout emote.

The Division 2 Year 1 Pass will be $40 when it goes on sale separately later this year.  

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