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9 Reasons to Buy the Xbox Elite Controller 2 and 3 Reasons Not To



Don't Buy Yet if You're Worried About Durability

Don't Buy Yet if You're Worried About Durability

One of the biggest concerns is how well the Elite Series 2 controller will hold up over time. This was a major issue with the Elite Controller 1. Complaints include grip coming off, bumpers failing and in my case the trigger stop breaking. There is also thumbstick drift for some controllers and other issues. 

Even though it is a premium product, it only comes with a 90 day warranty. We saw our controller last several years before breaking, but when it did there was no access to parts to fix the trigger stop unless we wanted to buy another controller and salvage parts from it or hack a fix. 

If you wait a few months into 2020, you should get a better idea about the build quality of the new Elite Controller 2. 

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