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Skinit MacBook Pro Skin Review



Adding a MacBook Pro skin to your laptop is a great way to upgrade the look to match your style and to keep it looking brand new for when you sell it or give it to a family member in a few years. The Skinit MacBook Pro skins fit perfectly, include an Apple cutout and come in a range of styles.

I’ve tested the Skinit MacBook Pro skin for the last month on my 2106 MacBook Pro 15-inch with TouchBar. This is the same skin that you would put on the 2018 MacBook Pro, and the overall experience is the same across all of their MacBook skin and Laptop skin lines. The Skinit MacBook Pro skin is $29.99 for most options, or $34.99 if you want to make your own with a business logo or photo.

The Skinit MacBook Pro skin fits perfectly and is available in a range of colors and designs.

The Skinit MacBook Pro skin fits perfectly and is available in a range of colors and designs.

Installing the Skinit MacBook Pro skin was simple. This is an adhesive skin that you can remove and re-position to get the perfect fit. In, all it took me about three tries and about 10 minutes. While you shouldn’t plan on removing and re-applying this after a lot of use, taking it off right away to get a better alignment is easy.

Skinit only sells MacBook Pro skins for the top of your MacBook Pro. This covers the lid, which is one of the areas that is often scratched, and it is the area that most people see. Since everyone is looking at this area when you are using your laptop it is the perfect place to personalize your Macbook Pro.

I like the wide range of options that Skinit offers. They are the official licensing partner for professional teams, both Marvel and DC comics and a collection of colleges, Disney and anime. I opted for an ebony wood skin for the MacBook Pro so that I could have a dark color to complement the Space Gray. I like the subtle wood grain and the overall look of this skin a lot.

One of the other reasons I like to add a skin to the MacBook Pro is because it allows me to add stickers over time to personalize my MacBook Pro without putting harsh adhesives right on the MacBook Pro itself. I’ve already added a few stickers to the Skinit MacBook Pro skin, and I like the look of stickers on top of the wood grain.

Of course, you can leave your skin alone, and just enjoy the look of your MacBook Pro. While I prefer to buy a skin and put it on as soon as I get a new MacBook Pro or any laptop, this is also a great way to spruce up your older MacBook Pro or laptop. Especially if it already has scratches or other marks that you want to cover up. I’ve used this for several trips, near daily use to and from coffee shops and it’s kept my MacBook Pro looking great.


A custom Skinit skin for a MacBook Pro or any laptop is an awesome gift during the holidays. If you don’t have a perfect picture, the sports team options are also sure hits with professional and college level fans. The only thing I wish the skin didn’t have is a small Skinit logo in the corner. It’s not that big, but I’d still prefer an option that just showed my pattern or team logo.

One of the best things about a MacBook Pro skin is that you can still use almost any MacBook Pro sleeve or bag for the added protection when you need it. Check out our favorite MacBook Pro cases, covers, sleeves and skins for more ways to protect your MacBook or MacBook Pro.

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