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Sprint 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee: 5 Things to Know Before You Switch



There is a major new Sprint promotion that includes the latest iPhones and Android phones with a risk free trial of the Sprint coverage. It’s the Sprint 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee, and it will let you try out Sprint for 30 days and if you decide it’s not for you, Sprint will pick up the bill.

If you decide to stick with it, there are up to $900 in incentives to help you switch from another carrier and get a new phone at a lower rate. You even get the Unlimited Basic plan with a phone for $35 a month or you can upgrade to the Beyond Unlimited Plan.

Here’s what you need to know about this 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee from Sprint, before you switch.

What is the Sprint 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee?

What you need to know about this offer to try Sprint risk free.

What you need to know about this offer to try Sprint risk free.

This is an offer from Sprint that allows new customers to try Sprint free for 30 days. If you switch, you get 30 days to test out Sprint without worrying about any cost. Specifically this covers;

  • Sprint will refund the device price and any down payment.
  • Installment billing or lease payments made to date will be refunded.
  • Customers will receive a refund on service charges (including any monthly recurring charges, activation fee, and all associated taxes and fees).

If you spend money on apps, downloads, extra services, overages or international calls you are responsible for those fees. It’s the most risk free way to switch carriers, but you will need to be cautious of how you handle the switch if you want to port your number and then bring it back somewhere.

What Do I Get With the Sprint 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee?

What do you get with Sprint's 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

What do you get with Sprint’s 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

When you switch, you can pick from a range of phones including the iPhone XR and the Galaxy S10e with the $35 a month offering, or you can choose a newer phone at a higher price. The Unlimited Basic plan includes unlimited talk, text and data, HD streaming and 500MB of hotspot use.

You can also opt for the Sprint Unlimited Premium for $80 a month, which includes a host of other subscriptions including Amazon Prime, TIDAL streaming and Hulu. That’s a lot of extra services.

If you choose to bring your own phone, you save $10 on any of these plans. You can also pick from other Sprint phones, like the Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10+ and iPhone XS, but your monthly cost will be higher.

Is Sprint Paying Me $900 to Switch?

One of the big parts of this promotion is the $900 offer from Sprint if you switch. This is where most of the catches are, and that makes sense if Sprint is paying out up to $900.

The first part of this is a $250 prepaid MasterCard. To get this you need to do an 18 month lease on the iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max and keep service for at least 60 days. If you cancel during the 30 day guarantee, you don’t get the card and if you cancel after you are still on the hook for payments for the phone. This will obviously raise your monthly cost since the monthly payments are higher than they are for the Galaxy S10e or the iPhone XR.

The other $650 is in the form of a Prepaid MasterCard that is equal to the early termination fee or the cost of paying off your old phone at the carrier you are leaving. To do this, you have to give Sprint your old phone, and show how much is left on the balance.

If you go this route, it makes leaving Sprint in the 30 day window more complicated since you’ve handed over your old phone. You may be able to delay sending your old phone in for a few days, but it is something you need to ask about when you sign up at Sprint.

Is Sprint Coverage Better?

Sprint coverage and speeds are better than in 2018.

Sprint coverage and speeds are better than in 2018.

According to an analysis by Ookla, Sprint’s download speeds are 34.6% faster than last year at this time and the company boasts that they have 30% more total LTE coverage than before.

These are impressive numbers and should help bolster coverage outside the major metropolitan areas. We still suggest asking friends and coworkers how coverage is in your specific area, but the nice part about this promotion is that it takes most of the risk out of trying out Sprint for 30 days to see if the coverage is good enough in the places you live and work. Check Sprint Coverage near you.

Are There Any 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee Catches

While we normally see a lot of catches and gotchas when it comes to offers to switch from one carrier to the other, this Sprint trial is the most straightforward option I’ve ever seen. The only real catches are if you want any of the up to $900 in promotional credits, which makes sense.

You do need to be very aware of the end of the 30 day period and if you want to switch out and keep your number you will likely want to figure out if Sprint works for you in the first 2-3 weeks, but again that’s a fair offer.

The Sprint phone offer is a lease. While you make monthly payments like you do with most other carriers, you don’t own the phone outright at the end of the 18 months. You can buy your phone at the end of the lease for about 25% of the total cost, which is basically the difference between what you paid in lease payments and the price of the phone.

If you like this option, here’s how to sign up for the Sprint 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee.



  1. Nina C Voelker

    04/14/2019 at 3:27 am

    As a 19 year customer of Sprint, I implore you not to switch to Sprint. Since early April 2019, I am perpetually stuck in “Emergency calls only” unless I’m at home on my Wi-Fi. I’ve spent hours on the phone with Sprint trying to get this resolved since I use my phone for work and get absolute garbage customer service that is reminiscent of the old days when companies could lie their asses off without repercussions. Do not switch to Sprint. You will regret it.

  2. Terry Sanders

    06/19/2019 at 7:36 am

    Sprint is refusing the honor the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Service has been horrible. Retention says they don’t even know what it is and refuse to honor it even when I direct them to Facebook, YouTube accounts and . Don’t fall for it.

  3. Bettie Paul

    07/01/2019 at 12:23 pm

    Having trouble getting my bill straightened out with Sprint. they keep billing me. No Sprint for Me. Terrible. Do not get Sprint.

  4. Martin Ellenberger

    08/05/2019 at 10:29 am

    I am very sorry we switched to Sprint. We did so in January, before the “100% Guarantee” offer was in effect. We found out pretty quickly that the coverage in our area was absolutely garbage – my wife could not get a consistent signal at her workplace and was dropping work-related calls at an alarming rate. In fact we had more dropped calls and roaming data in the first 2 months of Sprint than we had for over a dozen YEARS with Verizon. All at locations that were shown as completely covered on the map. At that time there was no “100% Guarantee” or we would have dumped Sprint in a heartbeat – as it is we are stuck now until our phone purchase contracts run out. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

  5. Rob S

    08/26/2019 at 4:42 pm

    I tried sprint in late July and early August 2019 and the service was no good. I took the phone back to the store, and they promptly refunded the cost of the phone, but did not return the activation fee, claiming it had to be done by Customer Service. I subsequently noticed a charge on my checking account for a partial month of service. I called customer service and they pledged to refund the charges for the partial month of service, but could not refund the activation fee, claiming the service had to be cancelled within 3 days, even though the “Totsl Satisfaction Guarantee” explicitly mentions the activation fee refund.

    Sprint’s customer service team appears to overseas, and while polite, can be hard to understand. Also, they appear to have information or procedural guides that are inconsistent with the Total Satisfaction Guarantee details posted on Sprint’s website.

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