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Surface Pro 6 vs Surface Pro 5: What New Things Can the Surface Do?



The Surface Pro 6 is finally here with a new color, new processors and upgraded battery life. Here’s a look at how the Surface Pro 6 vs Surface Pro 5 comparison stacks up so you can decide if you should upgrade or if you should buy the Surface Pro 6.

While Microsoft made a big deal out of the announcement, there isn’t as much changing here as you might expect. The overall design is the same, but you get several very important usability upgrades that are going to be very tempting for users who have the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Pro 5. One thing that is notably absent is USB C, which Microsoft did not add, leaving users stuck with the proprietary charger yet again.

This is how the Surface Pro 6 compares to the Surface Pro 5. If you’re mind is made up, you can buy the Surface Pro 6 at Microsoft now.

Surface Pro 6 Gets Faster Processors

The Surface Pro 6's biggest upgrade from the Surface PRo 5 comes in the tech specs and power.

The Surface Pro 6’s biggest upgrade from the Surface PRo 5 comes in the tech specs and power.

Microsoft upgrades the Surface Pro 6 with new Intel processor options that make this a more powerful machine. The Surface Pro 5 uses 7th Gen Intel Core M and Core i processors, but the new Surface Pro 6 arrives with the 8th Gen Intel Core i5 and Quad Core i7 processors.

This makes the new Surface Pro 67% more powerful than the Surface Pro 5, according to Microsoft. We’ll need to wait for more detailed benchmarks from the real world to see just how this stacks up, but if you are a power user this is a big deal and it could make the Surface Pro 6 a viable option for some users who couldn’t get by with the Surface Pro 5.

The Surface Pro 6 comes with 8GB or 16GB of RAM, double the base amount on the Surface Pro 5.

Along with the upgraded processors, users also get new integrated Intel graphics options that come with the new processors. It’s still not a gaming PC, but you can always use GeForce Now to play games on it.

Surface Pro 6 Battery Life

The Surface Pro 6 battery life is rated at 13.5 hours, which is in line with the Surface Pro 5 battery life claims, but real world Surface Pro 5 battery tests ended up close to the 8-10 hour mark.

You’ll want to wait to see what the real world tests look like, but the new 8th Gen Intel Core i5 and Core i7 processors could help users get closer to the 13.5 estimate Microsoft states.

Surface Pro 6 Design Changes

The Surface Pro 6 is now available in black. You can still get it in Platinum like the Surface Pro 5, but the new color option is one of the few design changes you will notice.

Microsoft did not change the screen size, resolution, weight or dimensions. They also did not add a USB C port, even though most Surface Pro 6 alternatives come with this handy port that simplifies charging and connectivity.

Surface Pro 6 vs Surface Pro 5 Price

The Surface Pro 6 starts at $899 and the Surface Pro 5 starts at $799. That $100 difference isn’t too hard to swallow when you consider that the base Surface Pro 6 comes with double the RAM and a full Core i5 processor instead of the Core m3 processor which isn’t as powerful.

Students and military members can also save with Surface Pro 6 deals that cut the price of the new Surface Pro 6 to $809. Everyone else can buy the Surface Pro 6 at B&H Photo and avoid paying sales tax up front, which is a nice deal. You can also pick up the Surface Pro 6 at Best Buy starting at $899.

If you are looking at the Surface Pro 5, consider checking into deals which can knock the price down to $699.

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