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Swype Updates Swiping Touchscreen Keyboard to Version 3.0, Adds Honeycomb Support



Swype has announced a new beta of its touchscreen keyboard that allows users to swipe their finger across the screen to connect letters to form words, rather than peck at the screen to type, that brings the version number to 3.0 and adds a number of new features.

The new Swype 3.0 keyboard, currently in beta, will also support Android 3.x Honeycomb tablets with a new move-able and resizable input area.

In terms of refining the features that Swype already supports, the new Swype 3.0 adds predictive text recognition. Rather than choosing the correct entry for a word via a pop window, the new version shows a horizontal list of possible words you may have attempted to ‘Swype.’

The company says its keyboard has now been installed on over 50 million devices.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Ron Lirit

    06/15/2011 at 10:25 am

    SlideIT has had tablet support, resizing and predictive tapping for months, not to mention a “horizontal suggestion bar”, which is so trivial it is not even listed as a “feature”. They can even combine tapping and swyping. I always feel that Swype is one step behind them and is just looking at what SlideIT does and coping it with a fancier look. Sorry, but the original is usually (and this is no exception) better.

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