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9 Things You Didn’t Know the Xbox One X Can Do



Load Games Twice as Fast as the Xbox One

The Xbox One X can load games much faster than on the Xbox One S. This means you can get into your game faster each time you want to play.

How fast is it? The Xbox One X loads games twice as fast as the Xbox One S. That means you can play a game in about a minute instead of waiting 3 or four minutes for some huge games to load. 

YouTube user Hogarth tested this and found that the Xbox One X can load GTA V in 51 seconds compared to 2 minutes and 3 seconds on the Xbox One S. The Witcher 3 loads in 1 minute 39 seconds on the Xbox One X, compared to 3 minutes and 20 seconds on the Xbox One S. 

If you are strapped for time when you have a gaming session this will add up over time, getting you into the game faster.  


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