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9 Things You Didn’t Know the Xbox One X Can Do



Stream 4K from Amazon & Netflix

Stream 4K from Amazon & Netflix

The Xbox One X can stream in 4K with HDR. You need to use Amazon Video or Netflix with the most expensive Netflix plan ($11.99 a month).

This will deliver amazing looking movies and TV shows on your TV in full 4K and HDR. Once again , HDR is where many movies come to life and look much more impressive. 

This is included as standard with your Amazon Prime subscription, but you will need to make sure you upgrade to the premium Netflix plan to get 4K and HDR. 

Forget relying on the Microsoft store for 4K HDR rentals, because it is a mess of options and many movies we wanted to rent in 4K weren't available, while some were only available in 4K with specific stipulations, like no rentals.  


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