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9 Things You Didn’t Know the Xbox One X Can Do



Are you thinking about upgrading to the Xbox One X? Here are some of the things the Xbox One X can do that can make your upgrade worthwhile. We’ve been playing with the new Xbox One for the last week and love the power and upgraded graphics, but there’s more than just great gaming fun built into the One X.

We’re diving into some of the things you probably didn’t know the Xbox One X can do, which can help you get more out of your console or decide if it is worth buying one to upgrade from your current Xbox One. This can also help you with giving the Xbox One X as a gift this holiday season.

You may have seen one or two of the things the Xbox One X can do on a commercial, but there are a lot of awesome features that are tucked away until you start looking into everything the Xbox One X can do.

What Can the Xbox One X Do?

Heres a list of cool things the Xbox One X can do.

Heres a list of cool things the Xbox One X can do.

The Xbox One X delivers a lot of epic gaming features. Some of them are new and exclusive to the Xbox One X, while others are carry overs from the Xbox One and One S. The Xbox One X is $499 and the Xbox One S is $199 to $249. For the added price you get a more powerful console that is able to make your games look better in noticeable ways.

This is not one of those upgrades that simply sounds good on paper. We’ve been testing out games upgraded specifically for the Xbox One X and found that it definitely looks better to the naked eye while playing all kinds of games.

The console also serves as your entertainment hub with 4K streaming from Netflix, Amazon and access to your TV with One Guide and other apps. Here are the exciting and useful things the Xbox One X can do, many of which you probably didn’t know.

  1. Deliver Incredible Looking Games With HDR
  2. Play Your Xbox & Xbox 360 Games
  3. Make Games Look Better On Your HD TV Too
  4. Load Games Twice as Fast as the Xbox One
  5. Connect to an External Hard Drive
  6. Record Games in 4K
  7. Play 4K Blu-Ray Movies
  8. Stream 4K from Amazon & Netflix
  9. Control Your TV & Home Theater

Here’s a closer look at the cool things the Xbox One X can do. While you think about whether or not the Xbox One X is worth buying, or as you look to do more with your new Xbox, this is what you need to know.

HDR is the Star of the Show

HDR is the Star of the Show

Gaming in higher resolutions is great, and it is something we enjoy, but the biggest thing you'll love about the Xbox One X is the HDR support. HDR, or High Dynamic Range, delivers a wider color range that makes so much more of your game pop and come to life in stunning color. 

If you have a 4K Tv that support HDR some games will look photorealistic and in other games you will see more realistic and gritty environments. Playing Call of Duty: WWII , the flames from a Molotov cocktail or the flamethrower are incredibly vivid. 

While playing Forza 7 you'll see incredibly lighting effects as you drive through stunning racetracks as the sun sets and dynamic weather comes into your race. 

HDR while gaming is one of the biggest reasons to buy the Xbox One X, and one of the coolest features if you have a TV that supports it. 

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