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Turn Your Ceiling Fan Into A Smart Fan With Lutron Fan Speed Control



You can turn your existing ceiling fan into a smart fan with the new Caséta Lutron Fan Speed Control that is part of the Lutron smart lighting system.

This new Fan Speed Control doesn’t require attaching something to your ceiling fan where it stands out. Instead you install it where the wall control is and with it you get the ability to add to scenes, control with your phone and with many voice assistants.

The Lutron Fan Speed Control lets you turn your ceiling fan into a smart fan.

The Lutron Fan Speed Control lets you turn your ceiling fan into a smart fan.

For full functionality you will need the hub that connects Lutron lights and Serena shades to the internet and to your smart home.

The Caséta Lutron Fan Speed Control features four fan speeds and the option to set your favorite fan speed. You can set this up in your existing apps and control it with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

You can install this to connect to an existing fan that is a single 1.5A ceiling fan. This does require a neutral wire to install. You install this in place of the existing switch on your wall. You can also connect the light switch to a Lutron light switch to control the lighting.

In addition to the switch you install, you can get a Pico remote that you can place anywhere in the room for a wireless remote control.

The Lutron Fan Speed Control arrives in March for $80 and the Pico remote is $42. You can find it at home improvement stores, online and at electronic stores. You can install it yourself or find a local electrician or Lutron-certified Pro installer.

You can check out our Lutron Caséta Wireless smart light review and our Serena Shades review for more on what these smart home gadgets can do.

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