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Twitch Prime: 5 Things You Need to Know



Video games have always been a social experience, and Twitch Prime is a still-new streaming subscription designed to capitalize on that. For years, the company has provided a way for gamers to watch other as they play on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Watching streams on Twitch is free. Twitch Prime is a way of improving your experience with the service.

Announced last year, Twitch Prime answers a few questions that people have asked in recent years. Amazon purchased Twitch back in 2014, snapping the company out from under would be buyer Google, reportedly. Gamers wanted to know if being purchased by the biggest online retailer in the world might benefit the Twitch streams that they enjoy.

Twitch Prime is a part of Amazon Prime.

It’s similar to YouTube Red. With a subscription, you can help fund your favorite streamers. You can ditch the advertisements that pop-up during video streams too. Also, Twitch Prime is a decent way of saving some money on downloadable content or in-game currency that you might have otherwise purchased with your own money.

  • What is Twitch Prime?
  • What Do You Get with Twitch Prime
  • Free Twitch Prime DLC
  • Twitch Prime Price
  • How Twitch Prime Works with Amazon Prime

What Is Twitch Prime?

Think of Twitch Prime as a club, a club that you can buy into and improve your Twitch experience when you want to.

The subscription service unlocks a set of benefits for frequent viewers of streams and gaming lovers. In addition to that, it also includes some perks related to some of Amazon’s other subscription services. Some of the things that you get make it easier to identify yourself as a Twitch Prime subscriber in the chat rooms of your favorite game streamers.

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Twitch itself describes the service as an easy way to “get free loot” every month. At least, that’s how the company described it in the post announcing the service on the Twitch Blog. Twitch Prime is available in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Italy, France, Belgium, Austria, Spain and Germany.

What Do You Get with Twitch Prime?

If you’re someone that likes to watch Twitch streams and hang out in the service’s chatrooms, you’ll love this service. The subscription gives you an exclusive chat badge. This chat badge is visible to all, identifying you as a member. You also get an exclusive set of emote reactions and chat colors.

Beyond the emotes, colors and chat badge, there’s the reason that most people sign up for a Twitch Prime subscription in the first place: It unlocks an ad-free video experience.

It’s free for video gamers to stream from their PC, Xbox One or PS4.  However, Twitch must finance its operations somehow. It and the big streamers on the service keep their bills paid by airing ads. These ads surface the moment you settle in to watch a stream. They can appear during the stream too.

Twitch on Xbox One.

Twitch on Xbox One.

A Twitch Prime subscription eliminates the ads at the start of a stream. With a membership, you’ll never have to sit through an advertisement before you’re able to enjoy your favorite streams. You can also watch your favorite streams knowing that you contributed in some small way to keeping them afloat. Twitch Prime memberships come with a free subscription to award to your favorite streamers every 30 days. These subscriptions send money directly to the streamer to fund their channel.

Free Twitch Prime DLC

There are monthly perks for Twitch Prime too. How much you’ll like them depends on whether you want to purchase the games your favorite streamers are playing or have the latest games.

The Twitch hoodie was given out to Prime subscribers.

Each month the service offers some free games or in-game content for the latest titles. Sometimes this perk includes access to games before they’re available elsewhere, Twitch says.

For example, April 2017’s perks include a free month of Runescape, in-game currency and items too. Smite, Watch Dogs 2 and Heatherstone have offered exclusive Twitch Prime in-game items in the past.

Twitch Prime Price

All the perks that come with a Twitch Prime are great, but you can’t know if subscribing to the service is the right thing for you to do without knowing the cost.

There’s good news for those that want this new subscription and have an Amazon Prime account already. Amazon likes to stitch together the different benefits of all its services. This way, if you’re not completely fulfilled with one perk, you won’t cancel because you still like some other services it offers.

This service is included in Amazon Prime, just like Amazon Photos and access to Prime Day savings. Amazon Prime costs $10.99 a month or $99 for a single year.

How Twitch Prime Works with Amazon Prime

Because the service is embedded in Amazon Prime, subscribers get access to the other major perks that it offers.

One of these perks is video game related. Amazon Prime already offers those that pre-order physical copies of games a 20% discount on new titles. This discount also applies two weeks after a video game’s launch. Subscribers get this discount too.

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As for things not directly related to video games, there’s Amazon Prime Video streaming, which offers thousands of movies and television shows for streaming at no additional charge. Twitch Prime users get this perk. They also have access to the service’s Kindle library for Prime users, music streaming and free two-day shipping.

If you’re into watching Twitch already, Twitch Prime seems like a great way to enhance your experience with the service. Better, you’ll pick up some pretty great perks for other Amazon services. You can subscribe to the service here.

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The Tenno have just awoken after centuries of sleeping in stasis. Warframe takes its name from the suits that the Tenno use to do battle with the game’s other races. There’s the Greiner, who are clones of humans. The Corpus belong to a technology company with lots of robotic innovation at their disposal. Sentients consist of an alien race that’s back to do battle.

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