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Vizio P Series Quantum X 2019 Review (PX65-G1)



The Vizio P Series Quantum X is an amazing value for buyers looking for a high-end 4K TV at a price that’s easier for many buyers to afford than an OLED, while still getting impressive picture quality.

Vizio offers the P Series Quantum X in 65-inch and 75-inch versions, and I tested the 65-inch PX65-G1 from 2019, which you can still find in stores for around $1,099.99.

The Vizio P Series Quantum X is a great value.

Compared to the M Series, the picture is a major upgrade with better HDR performance, better blacks thanks to full-array LED backlighting, and overall a more movie ready experience — something that is essential as we are all watching more new releases at home. It also upscales HD content very well, which is essential when you’re binging old favorites.

The SmartCast software is better than when we first looked at Vizio models, but there are still some times when the software feels a little sluggish. Thankfully it’s due for an upgrade soon and with Chromecast and AirPlay 2 support it is easy to watch your favorite content.

The design is modern with polished legs.

Vizio’s design is good with a thin bezel and minimal front-facing branding. The legs are easy to attach and setup is simple with two people. the legs are wide and deep, so you definitely need a large entertainment stand to set this model on, or plan to wall mount. The set works with 400 x 400 mm VESA mount and at 54 pounds it is wall mountable, but you will need to make sure you get an appropriately rated mount.

The remote control looks and feels like the same one we’ve been using on Vizio models for years. While I don’t need a super-fancy remote, I would love to see backlighting on this remote control. There are shortcuts to Smartcast apps that you can’t change. It works, but it’s due for an upgrade. You can use your phone for some controls, but ultimately you’ll be reaching for a remote most of the time.

Vizio needs to offer a better remote.

With the legs on, the TV is high enough to sit a thin soundbar in front, and you may be able to stash a Blu-Ray or streaming box below it if you want. The back is a matte black and the set isn’t too thick.

The Vizio P Series Quantum X includes five HDMI ports at 2.0a, and one 120Hz 1.4 input that is designed for gaming. There is also a component video source for hooking up older devices and a USB port that is useful for powering a streaming device or antenna. Two of the HDMI ports are on the side, for easier access, and all the ports are clearly labeled.

On the back, you will also find analog, optical audio output, and a standard cable connection. The set includes support for 802.11ac WiFi as well as a wired connection. I tested both WiFi and wired connections for streaming and both perform well, but in my basement setup, I preferred a wired connection for 4K content. There is no Bluetooth built-in for connecting headphones to the TV. You can cast your phone to the TV with Chromecast or AirPlay 2.

There are loads of connectivity options on the P Series Quantum X.

The picture quality is where the P Series Quantum X really shines. I’ve owned and tested the M Series which is a solid value and hard for many buyers to pass up, but the difference in quality is quite stunning. With the full-array LED backlight, which includes 384 active dimming zones on the 65-inch and 480 local dimming zones on the 75-inch, you experience a very impressive level of blacks. If you’re watching a movie with the black bars at the top and bottom, the TV senses this and makes those areas even darker.

There are a number of calibration modes that you can choose, and for this review, I mainly tested the calibrated mode. If you want to dive deeper, you can make adjustments manually, but out of the box, this provides a nice looking image quality. You can change this in the picture menu, and there are HDR control options in the settings, which you control on a per input basis.

While I’m not pulling out fancy testing equipment to measure the color space and accuracy, I am using the same testing tools that you will use to judge this TV — my eyes and ears.

The picture quality performance while streaming 4K content on Amazon and Netflix is very good, and I was impressed while watching Baby Driver on 4K Blu-Ray from my Xbox One X. I also used AirPlay 2 to watch movies I purchased on my iPhone on the TV. Using AirPlay 2 is super-simple, and you can still use your phone since this just hands off the movie or content to the TV.

The Vizio P Series Quantum X picture quality is great, especially at this price.

The overall picture quality is good and I really appreciated the deep blacks as well as the bright, but accurate looking oranges and yellows. Thanks to the active dimming, watching dark scenes that make up so much of modern movies allows me to see details without cranking up the overall brightness. At times the video processing is a bit much, amping up the green screen look, but I came away impressed with the performance of the P Series Quantum X. The P Series Quantum X supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision, so you’re covered on the HDR front.

The panel is a 120hz refresh rate and when you connect to HDMI 5 with a gaming PC you can take advantage of a higher refresh rate, but you cannot use this input for 4K or HDR. This HDMI connection also has lower input lag, which is handy for gamers. I used the PS4 with HDR and the Xbox One X in 4K with HDR on the standard inputs and found that input lag was not an issue as a casual gamer. I appreciated the HDR performance in God of War and the overall performance across numerous games on the Xbox One X. Connecting to any of the four HDMI 2.0 ports I was able to check all the boxes for 4K content on the One X. If you’re looking for an auto game mode, you’ll want to look at the newer P Series Quantum X model which packs in HDMI 2.1, variable refresh rate and automatic game detection.

The built-in speakers aren’t stellar, which is to be expected. After initial testing, I paired the P Series X with the Vizio SB36514-G6 Dolby Atmos 5.1.4 soundbar. The downside to thinner TVs is that a soundbar is essential, but you can find a lot of options to dramatically improve your home theater with simple installations.

The SmartCast software is good, and improving with each update.

The SmartCast software is OK, it’s getting faster with each update and we’re seeing new apps arrive often. Disney+ is currently on SmartCast along with Movies Anywhere and later this year an Apple TV app will arrive so you can watch your purchased content on the TV without casting or mirroring. There are a lot of apps and a lot of free content. If you know what you want to watch and subscribe to a plethora of services this may be distracting, but if you love free content the WatchFree service and spotlights on content are handy.

The remote control doesn’t support voice control this year, but the 2021 models include a button to push for voice control. You can use Siri, Alexa, and Google Home speakers to control the P Series Quantum X 2019 model that this review focuses on.

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