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Walmart Black Friday 2016: 10 Things to Know



Here are the most important Walmart Black Friday 2016 details that you need to know. We kick off with a major change to the Walmart Black Friday 2016 ad and how you will get the best Walmart Black Friday Black Friday deals in 2016.

This includes the Walmart Black Friday store hours, wristbands, store safety and even the Walmart Black Friday 2016 deals to avoid. You will need to get in line earlier than planned thanks to this change, but there are still plenty of interesting deals to look into at Walmart on Black Friday 2016.

We’ll show you where to find store maps and outline the online Walmart Black Friday 2016 deals that we know about.

What you need to know about Walmart Black Friday 2016 deals, the ad and more.

What you need to know about Walmart Black Friday 2016 deals, the ad and more.

Even if you are a regular Walmart Black Friday shopper who has won Black Friday for 5-10 years there are some key changes that you need to know about so you can get the best deals without being left looking for alternatives or scrambling to shop at another store later on Black Friday.

Although we call it Black Friday, the biggest deals are part of the Walmart Thanksgiving Day Deals that start in the evening of November 23rd. You can still find Black Friday deals at Walmart, but the biggest savings start on Thursday.

This is your guide to Walmart Black Friday 2016 deals, plans and other details that can make or break your Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday shopping trips.

Walmart Black Friday & Thanksgiving 2016 Hours

Walmart Black Friday & Thanksgiving 2016 Hours

The Walmart Black Friday 2016 hours actually start on Thanksgiving Day. There are multiple times that you need to be aware of to win on Black Friday and Thanksgiving. 

Walmart is open all day on Thanksgiving, but the deals don't start until later that day, at least in stores. Since Walmart is open all day, you can go in and out of the store to pick up those last-minute items you forgot for Thanksgiving Day meals.

Of course that means some shoppers will use the Walmart Black Friday map to learn where the hottest items are and start lining up early -- even if Walmart attempts to dissuade this. 

The Online Walmart Black Friday 2015 deals tart at 12:01 AM Eastern Thanksgiving Dayor 9:01 PM Pacifc on November 23rd. So get up early if you want to score a deal online. You might want to check on the turkey while you do that. We expect that most of the Walmart Black Friday 2016 deals will also be available online.

The Walmart Black Friday 2016 ad starts at 6PM in stores. That is local time, and you will need to be there earlier than that if you want many of the deals. Walmart warns that some stores will hand out wristbands earlier than 6 PM for hot items like doorbuster HDTV deals. 

Unlike previous years Walmart will not host separate events for different areas of the store or offer a 1 Hour In Stock Guarantee, but there is a time to schedule buying some of the iPhone 7 deals and other smartphone deals.



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    however us handicapped people who rely on electric cannot shop as they will not allow us to use the carts so we do not get the pricing Walmart Bridgeton Mo store would not let us use them so i had to leave what happened to americans with disabilities act

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