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Walmart Black Friday 2018 Ad: 5 Things to Expect & 3 Not To



Three ads top the list of must see Black Friday 2018 ads for shoppers. Target, Amazon and Walmart Black Friday 2018 ads are the trifecta of deals and after spending over a decade following Black Friday trends we have the must know info about the Walmart Black Friday ad.

This will help you start planning as you work on how you plan to shop on Black Friday and how it may be a little different than in previous years. Even if you shop at Walmart often, Black Friday is a major shake up from normal deals.

Here’s a look at the important Walmart Black Friday info, and a closer look at what you can expect from the 2018 Walmart Black Friday ad, start time and even deals you can count on.

2018 Walmart Black Friday Ad Expectations

  • Don’t Expect a 2018 Walmart Black Friday Ad Leak
  • Don’t Expect 1 Hour Guarantee Items
  • Don’t Expect to See Every Deal in the Ad
  • Expect the 2018 Walmart Black Friday Ad By Mid November
  • Expect Early Walmart Black Friday Deals
  • Expect Some Bad Walmart Black Friday Deals
  • Expect Walmart’s Best Black Friday Deals on Thanksgiving
  • Expect Many Online Walmart Black Friday Deals

Walmart Black Friday Start Date and Time

The Walmart Black Friday sales start on Thanksgiving Day both online and in store. Typically the online Black Friday deals go live at 12:01 AM Eastern. You can count on in store Walmart Black Friday deals to start at 6PM local time on Thanksgiving Day. You’ll want to be in the store or in line well before this to get doorbusters.

You can count on early Walmart Black Friday 2018 deals online and in store starting in mid November. This could happen as soon as November 7th to the 12th.

There is no need to be a member of any discount program to shop the Walmart Black Friday deals early.

Walmart Free Shipping Minimums

While there are occasionally lower Walmart free shipping minimums during the holiday season, the cutoff is normally $35 of merchandise. The best strategy on Black Friday is to checkout as soon as you get the item in your cart to avoid missing out,  but if it’s under $35 you may want to add something to get the free shipping. There is a good chance we will see a lower minimum during Black Friday.

Walmart often allows shoppers to get a bigger discount on items by choosing in store pickup. It’s not clear if they will keep this in place for the 2018 Black Friday shopping season.

Will Walmart Price Match on Black Friday?

Walmart, and many other retailers, specifically exclude price matching from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday. It’s already a hectic time and anything that is in stock will be out of stock fast. If you want the deals in Walmart and Target Black Friday ads, you will need to go to that store and get the item when it goes on sale.

2018 Walmart Black Friday Deal Predictions

Expect plenty of Walmart Black Friday 2018 deals on games, gaming systems, 4K TVs and tech.

Expect plenty of Walmart Black Friday 2018 deals on games, gaming systems, 4K TVs and tech.

You can count on a few things when it comes to Walmart Black Friday deals. This is a short list of the doorbusters and electronics deals we expect to see in the 2018 Walmart Black Friday ad in November.

  1. iPhone XS with $200+ Gift Card
  2. Note 9 & S9 with $300+ Gift Card
  3.  39-47″ Smart TV for $100 to $150
  4. 55″ 4K Tvs for $250 or Less
  5. 65″ Curved TV Below $800
  6. $75+ Off iPads
  7. PS4 Pro and Xbox One X Deals
  8. Recent Video Games for $29-$43
  9. Deals on Roku and Streaming Devices
  10. Discounts on Smart Home Devices

Now that you know the most important Walmart Black Friday details, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect from the 2018 Walmart Black Friday ad and on Thanksgiving day.

Don't Expect a 2018 Walmart Black Friday Ad Leak

Don't Expect a 2018 Walmart Black Friday Ad Leak

We all want to see the 2018 Walmart Black Friday ad, but you won't see it until Walmart is well and ready to share it with you. For the past several years Walmart has locked don the leaks. This started long ago with lawyers entering the game, and it's still keeping the ads under wraps until Walmart is ready to show them off. 

Thankfully they show it off pretty early. You won't need to wait until the week of Black Friday for the ad. The earliest it will arrive is November 7th, but it could also be the week after. One other upside is that you will likely get the whole ad in one go. 

We may see many Black Friday ads leak, and we will see others arrive before Walmart, but good thing come to those who wait.  

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