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Walmart Black Friday 2018 Ad: 5 Things to Expect & 3 Not To



Don't Expect 1 Hour Guarantee Items

Don't Expect 1 Hour Guarantee Items

Walmart Black Friday used to be a huge draw thanks to guaranteed in stock items. This selection of items were definitely available on Black Friday or you could get it delivered before Christmas at the Black Friday price. This was a huge success when other retailers had problems keeping items in stock, but Walmart killed this off in 2016. 

They've done a better job of keeping things in stock for more than the first minute that sales start, but ultimately the program was confusing for some shoppers and the follow through surely took a lot of effort for Walmart. 

Expect to see more stock in most stores and a bigger push to shop online for hard to find items. Now that Walmart backed away from this program and store safety remains good, we don't expect these items to make a return. 

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