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Watch Dogs 2 for PC Specs & Release Details



In a lot of ways, the journey of Watch Dogs 2 is similar to Ubisoft’s journey through 2016 as a developer and publisher. The studio has seen some incredible highs and crushing lows. It rode The Division to huge sales. In fact, sales were so big for the game that it shattered the company’s records until that point. Watch Dogs 2 is one of this year’s most anticipated titles. With just weeks left until the game’s official launch, Ubisoft said it would delay the Watch Dogs 2 for PC release.

The reason for the Watch Dogs 2 for PC delay isn’t yet known, but it’s sure to upset PC gamers that were willing to take a chance on the game. The original Watch Dogs broke sales records, mostly because people wanted to experience its interesting mix of open-world gunplay and device hacking for themselves. The game had its detractors too though, its protagonist, Aiden Pearce, was dreary and dark in any situation. Though innovative, the game’s companion app experience wasn’t widely used.


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Watch Dogs 2 doesn’t have a companion app at all. Aiden Pearce has been replaced by the fun-loving DedSec hacking group. There are more items to hack than there ever was in the first game. Among the things in new protagonist Marcus Holloway’s arsenal is a drone that he can use as a vantage point to hack even cars.

Here’s what you need to know about the Watch Dogs 2 for PC release specifically.

Watch Dogs 2 for PC Specs

PC gamers are familiar with the drill. Every game released on Windows has a list of required hardware and recommended hardware. Meeting a game’s recommended hardware settings is how you get the best experience possible. Required hardware only guarantees that the game will open and function.

watch dogs 2 skill tree

The Watch Dogs 2 PC specs aren’t too out of the ordinary, but you could find yourself in need of some hardware upgrades. At minimum, your computer will need a 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5 2400S, 3.5 GHz AMD FX 6120 or better. Either NVIDIA GTX 660 with 2GB of RAM or the AMD Radeon HD 7870 with 2GB of RAM or better is required. Finally, you’ll need at least 6GB of RAM and 50GB of storage.

Ubisoft recommends that users have an 3.2 GHz, Intel Core i5 3470 or 3.9GHz AMD FX 8120 processor, 8GB of RAM and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780, 970 or 1060. On the AMD side there’s the Radeon R9 290 or better.

Everyone should make sure that their PC is running at least Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 or later. Broadband support is key to enjoying the multiplayer experience.

New Watch Dogs 2 for PC Release Date

Ubisoft began this year hoping to release Watch Dogs 2 for PC and the Xbox One and PS4 versions of the game all at the same time. That’s not going to happen though. Instead, the PC version of the game will launch on November 29th. For comparison, other gamers get it on November 15th.

Where to Buy Watch Dogs 2 for PC

Amazon, Steam and Ubisoft’s own Uplay Store sell the PC version of Watch Dogs 2 as a digital download. Strangely, GameStop has apparently decided to not offer the PC version of the game at all, despite offering the Xbox One and PS4 versions.

Watch Dogs 2 pre-orders (6)

There are three versions of the game to choose from: Standard, Deluxe and Gold. Watch Dogs 2 standard edition costs $59.99 and includes only the base game and access to the Zodiak Killer add-on content. The Deluxe version of Watch Dogs 2 includes two packs of character customization items, weapons and drone art for $69.99. Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition packs in all the content from the other two versions, plus the game’s season pass content for $99.99.

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Only in the Uplay Store can you purchase versions of the game that include the Collector’s Edition Wrench Robot that users can control with their smartphone.

Watch Dogs 2 for PC Special Features

Watch Dogs 2 for PC has lots of exclusive features that aren’t available in any other version of the game.

For starters, Ubisoft is giving PC owners the chance to get a better-looking experience than anyone else. PC users get 4K support, SLI and Crossfire support, optimization for lagging and no cap on how many frames the game can run per second. There are improved texture packs, headlight shadows, screen space reflections and improved detail for the entire game.


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You can customize how the game handles thanks to hotkey support. There’s also support for the Xbox One and PS4 controllers for those that want the improved graphics of PC, but don’t want to play with a keyboard. Ubisoft says that users can switch between keyboard and mouse controls whenever they want.

Good luck with the Watch Dogs 2 release on PC

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The New Lead Character of Watch Dogs 2

The New Lead Character of Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 focuses Marcus Holloway. Like Pearce, Holloway is a skilled wizard with any PC of piece of technology. CtOS 2.0 incorrectly identifies him as a wanted fugitive, highlighting just how dangerous it is to have one piece of software and one company controlling what happens in an entire city. According to Ubisoft, Holloway decides to go on the offensive and venture out from his home in Oakland to take on the shadowy forces behind CtOS 2.0 and other tech companies doing whatever they want to with the public’s data. Marcus belongs to DedSec, the same hacking group from the first game. Players are to recruit the public to DedSec’s cause, allowing them to gather more resources and be an even bigger thorn in the establishment’s side.

Marcus is more agile than Pearce. Players are able to leap across objects and buildings and chain together moves. The change adds a bit of vertical play to the franchise, which was sorely missed in its last outing.

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