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Where to Buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip



The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is a premium device, with a premium price, but you will be able to pick this up at multiple locations when it launches on Friday, February 14th. This new Galaxy Z Flip is $1,380 and is coming to Sprint, AT&T, and as an unlocked version that you can get at Best Buy or Samsung.

If you are shopping for this new Z Flip, you will want to look around and see if there are any deals or freebies that you can get. Or, perhaps you can purchase at Best Buy and get reward points or double-dip into credit card points.

The Galaxy Z Flip includes all the support you need to use 4G LTE on U.S. carriers, so even if you don’t have AT&T or Sprint, you should be able to bring an unlocked model to Verizon or even some of the cheaper carrier options out there.

Where to Buy the Galaxy Z Flip

This is where to buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip.

If you want to buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip directly from a carrier, your options are to go to AT&T or Sprint on Friday. Both of these carriers will sell the Z Flip on February 14th. The Galaxy Z Flip is $57.50 a month on the Sprint Flex 18 mo. lease.

The other option is to look at Best Buy, where you can buy the Z Flip on AT&T or unlocked. If you want to use the Z Flip on another carrier, you will want the Unlocked version and may need to pay a premium.

Another option is to get the Galaxy Z Flip directly from Samsung or at a Samsung Experience Store. The Samsung option is online and allows you to get the carrier or unlocked options. The Experience Store locations are in major metro areas.

We may even see the Galaxy Z Flip appear on B&H Photo, eBay or other locations in the coming days.

7 Cool Things the Galaxy Z Flip Can Do

Open to Almost Any Angle

Open to Almost Any Angle

While the Galaxy Fold and the Motorola Razr are meant to flip open completely so that you can use a big screen, the Galaxy Z Flip is designed to open to almost any angle. 

Samsung calls this Freestop Folding, which means that the hinge works like a laptop hinge. You can open and stop the hinge almost anywhere. That means you can set the upper half straight for photos or you can lean it back a little for a better angle while on a video chat or simply while watching something without holding the phone. 

This plays into some of the photography features as well as some of the interesting software multitasking features. If you like to stream, want to be able to do a little more without holding your phone. 

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