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Which Edition of Crackdown 3 Should You Buy?



It may look like there aren’t many Crackdown 3 editions to choose from, but there are two ways to buy Crackdown 3, and a wide range of editions based on the Crackdown 3 pre-order bonuses that you can buy.

Crackdown 3 is $59.99 for the base edition, but you can get a Steelbook edition if you like the collectibility of your games and you can also grab special editions with other bonus items.

The biggest decision about which edition to buy is if you want to get the standard edition or if you want to go with the Game Pass edition of Crackdown 3. The Game Pass version is digital only, while the standard edition is available on disk or digital.

There is no super special Crackdown 3 edition, likely due to the overall delay of the game, which has been in development for years and is finally coming out in mid February.

Crackdown 3 Standard Edition

Which Crackdown 3 edition to buy?

Which Crackdown 3 edition should I buy?

The normal version of Crackdown 3 is the standard edition. This is a $60 version of Crackdown 3 that comes with all the base game and standard features. You can find some deals on the Crackdown 3 standard edition. There are no longer Amazon Prime or Gamers Club Unlocked discounts for most users, so you’ll be paying full price in most cases.

If you want to make one purchase and have Crackdown 3 forever, this is the edition to buy. You can wait and pick up some deals this summer, but don’t expect massive discounts in the next month or two. That said, you can pre-order Crackdown 3 and save $10 at Newegg right now. Here are the deals and bonuses you need to be aware of.

Crackdown 3 Pre-order Bonuses & Deals

Get free socks when you buy Crackdown 3 at GameStop.

Get free socks when you buy Crackdown 3 at GameStop.

  • CrackDown 3 for $49.99 at Newegg
  • CrackDown 3 for $59.99 at Amazon
  • CrackDown 3 for $59.99 at Walmart
  • CrackDown 3 for $59.99 with Socks at GameStop
  • CrackDown 3 for $59.99 with Steelbook at Best Buy

You’ll need to pre-order now to get these deals, as not all of them will last through the full release. You can get Crackdown 3 digitally or on disk with this edition.

Crackdown 3 Game Pass Edition

The Crackdown 3 Game Pass edition is the standard edition of the game, but you are essentially renting it like Netflix. As long as you subscribe to Game Pass you have access to the game, and to many other games, but you don’t own the game. If you stop paying for Game Pass, you no longer have access to Crackdown 3.

This is a digital only version of Crackdown 3, so you’ll need to download the full game to your console to play. If you like playing the other Game Pass games, this is a nice option, as you get access to loads of games from Microsoft. You can also play this edition on the Xbox and on Windows 10 without buying the game twice.

The Game Pass is $59.99 for 6 months, but you can find it on sale as low as a year for $88.47. You can sign up for a $1 trial that gets you Game Pass and a month of SLing TV.

Digital vs Physical

Decide on disc or digital.

Decide on disc or digital.

Crackdown 3 is sold in physical and digital versions, with a few important differences between these options. While many gamers are partial to buying on a disc, there are some reasons to avoid the physical version of games in 2019.

If you are sick of dealing with a massive stack of game discs or you live in a house where they get lost or damaged, it’s a good idea to buy the digital version of Crackdown 3. This means no disc to lose or for someone to break. You also don’t need to get up to switch games. With a digital version you can switch between games easily when you are playing without getting up to swap discs. This is one of the biggest reasons to go with a digital version of the game.

If you decide to buy the physical copy of Crackdown 3, you can sell it if you decide that you no longer want to play it. This is a handy way to finance future games if you skip the trade-in and sell direct on eBay or Craigslist. You can also lend Crackdown 3 on disc to a friend easily without jumping through hoops to share Xbox One games.

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