App: 7 Things to Know About Going Live on

The app is a live stream video app that connects creators with fans while streaming video similar to Periscope or Facebook Live. This is what you need to know about for

You’ve probably heard of, the lip syncing music video making app that still rules the world of music video voice overs.


With the app, stars can start live streaming video to fans for new ways to interact.

This came out of the app from seeing users sharing videos of animals, comedy and more.

Originally only available to the biggest stars on, the for app is now open to all users — at least on iPhone.


Check out the most important for details that you need to know about.


What is is a live stream video platform that works inside of It’s a lot like Facebook Live, but instead of relying on your friends and fans to follow you on other networks you can reach them right inside of the app.

The app lets you go live on

The app lets you go live on

After a period where only the biggest stars could live stream, the app is available for all users.

Instead of using a new feature inside the app, you need to download the app and log in. With the ap you can share moments and connect with fans. This is not a live lip sync app.

Advertisement Confirmation & Permissions

Before you can go Live on with the app you need to verify that you are over 13. To do this you must get a text message with a six digit code or have the service call and tell you a code.

There is no actual verification of your age, but you are stating that you are over 13, which is required to use or

How Go Live On

The first thing you need to do is download the app for Live Video Streaming from the iTunes app store. This is not available on Android yet.

Once you open the app, you need to login with your username and password. You can also log in with Facebook and Twitter. Make sure that you connect to the same account you use on so that you can reach the same fans.

When you are in the app you can tap Start a New Broadcast and then Go Live to start live streaming your videos to your fans. People can leave comments and more to interact with the streamer.

Advertisement Gifts

When you watch a stream in you send a virtual gift to the person who is live.


There are no in-app purchases in or, so you don’t need to pay for these.

It’s very possible that we will see some type of real gifting added in a future update, but for now there is no cost to give a gift when someone is streaming on

How to Watch Videos

You can watch video live streams in the app. The easiest way to do this is to follow someone so that you know when they are live.

Find the person you want to watch Live on When you are looking at their profile tap on the bell in the upper right corner.

If the iPhone prompts you to allow Notifications for do that. When this person goes Live on you will get an alert so you can tune in.

Everything users need to know about the app to go live on

Everything users need to know about the app to go live on Android Release

The Android app is MIA on the Google Play Store. When first arrived on the scene it was on the iPhone only and then it hit Android and Amazon later.

We expect that there will be a Android release date in the works so that users who are on Android can go Live on but the company has not shared any details yet.

Live Moments vs Live On announced a new Live Moments feature on iPhone and Android recently, which is different than going live on with the app.

Live Moments create a gif-like short that you can share with others. There is a special tab on the home page that highlights these.

Going Live on requires the app and it is a live video stream of what your camera sees.

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