5 Things to Know About the Rumored iOS 10.3 Update

An iOS 10.3 release is rumored for January and today we want to take a close look at everything we know about the rumored iOS 10.3 update for iPhone and iPad.


Its only been a few weeks since the release of iOS 10.2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and Apple’s showing no signs of slowing down.

The company is planning at least one new iOS 10 update for iOS 10 users though it now looks like it could another upgrade more in the pipeline.

iOS 10.3 release is rumored for iPhone & iPad.

An iOS 10.3 release is rumored for January.

Apple is rumored to be working on a much larger update for the iPhone and iPad and it could sometime next week.

An iOS 10.3 update is reportedly in the works and sources claim an early version of it could be out in January ahead of a wider release later this year.


With that in mind we want to take a quick look at everything you need to know about the rumored iOS 10.3 update. We’ll continue to update this with new details so check back for frequent updates.

iOS 10.2.1 Update Coming First

The iOS 10.3 update, if there is an iOS 10.3 update, won’t be the update that replaces Apple’s current version of iOS 10 (iOS 10.2).

That honor goes to the iOS 10.2.1 update that’s currently in beta ahead of an unknown release date for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


We’re currently on the second iOS 10.2.1 beta and it still looks like the upgrade will be a minor bug fixer with under-the-hood improvements.


For more on the next iOS 10 update, take a look at our roundup.

iOS 10.3 Spotted

According to Sonny Dickson, a well-known leakster who’s produced accurate information in the past, the iOS 10.3 update is codenamed ‘Erie‘ behind the scenes.

Gotta Be Mobile and several other sites have seen visits from devices claiming to run iOS 10.3. We’ve also seen a pickup in visits in the recent weeks, a sign that the update is real and could be heading to testers in the near future.

iOS 10.3 Beta

According to Dickson, Apple will release an iOS 10.3 beta in January though the update failed to land on his rumored date.

The first iOS 10.3 beta was originally rumored for roll out on January 10th. Instead, Apple released a new iOS 10.2.1 beta alongside new betas for watchOS, macOS, and tvOS.

An iOS 10.3 beta release is now up in the air.


Apple typically releases the first beta update to developers a day or two before it releases the software to those in the free Beta Software Program.

All of Apple’s iOS 10 beta updates have been available to both groups and we’d expect the iOS 10.3 beta to be released for both groups.

iOS 10.3 Release Date

Dickson’s leak didn’t come with a specific iOS 10.3 release date for those outside of the beta programs though there’s some are speculating that it could arrive in the March-April window alongside new hardware.

According to several reports, Apple is in the process of developing new Apple hardware and new iPad software including wider support for the Apple Pencil accessory.

The iOS 10.3 release date is unclear.

Apple is reportedly working on new iPads and new iPad software.

Bloomberg claims “Apple may roll out the new iPad software features as part of an upgrade to the iOS 10 operating system in the first half of 2017.”

It’s unclear if this update and the iOS 10.3 update are one in the same though the iOS 10.3 beta (though not necessarily the first seed) could shed some clues.

iOS 10.3 Update

According to Dickson’s source, the iOS 10.3 update might come with a new Theater Mode.

iOS 10.3's rumored Theater Mode could be an enhanced Dark Mode.

iOS 10.3’s rumored Theater Mode could be an enhanced Dark Mode.

It appears the new Theater Mode could be an enhanced version of iOS’ Dark Mode though that remains unconfirmed at this point.

He also claims the iOS 10.3 update will come with a new Popcorn-shaped Control Center Icon which we assume will be for this new Theater Mode.

4 Reasons Not to Install iOS 10.2 & 6 Reasons You Should

Install iOS 10.2 If You Want Better Security

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Install iOS 10.2 If You Want Better Security

If you value your security, you'll want to seriously consider downloading the iOS 10.2 update on your iPhone or iPad. 

The iOS 10.2 update brings 12 known patches for potential exploits including one where an "attacker with an unlocked device may be able to disable Find My iPhone." 

These patches enhance the security on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch making them ideal for those of you who store sensitive files/data on your device. Most people do.

If you skipped the iOS 10.1.1 update and/or the iOS 10.1 update, know that iOS 10.2 brings their security patches with it.

If you failed to install Apple's iOS 9.3.5 update, iOS 10.2 will also bring the three crucial security patches it delivered last year. These patch up serious security problems that could potentially expose your calls, contacts, texts, and emails.

If security is important to you, iOS 10.2 is probably worth a download right now.

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