9 Things to Know About the iPhone 5 iOS 10.3.1 Update

The iPhone 5 iOS 10.3.1 update is three weeks old and today we take a look the most important things to know about the iPhone 5 iOS 10.3.1 update and its performance as we push into the month of May.

The iPhone 5 is getting older which puts a greater importance on each update Apple releases for the former flagship.

iOS updates for older devices can have a dramatic impact on performance. Sometimes its positive. Sometimes, unfortunately, its negative.

Apple’s latest iPhone 5 update, iOS 10.3.1, is a tiny upgrade but it could have a huge impact on your device’s performance.

If you’re making the move to iOS 10.3.1 from the iOS 10.3 update, your iOS 10.3.1 update will be very small, just a few megabytes.

If you’re coming to iOS 10.3.1 from something older than iOS 10.3, you can expect your update to be massive (several hundred MB) thanks to the features and fixes from the iOS 10.3 update. Its features and fixes are baked into iOS 10.3.1.

This roundup will take you through our impressions of the iPhone 5 iOS 10.3.1 update’s performance and it will guide you through some of the key things to keep in mind as we push toward Apple’s next iOS 10 release.

We’ll continue to update this roundup with new details as we get them so keep an eye out for frequent changes.

iPhone 5 iOS 10.3.1 Update Review

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iPhone 5 iOS 10.3.1 Update Review

The iPhone 5 iOS 10.3.1 update is a small one (if you're coming to it from iOS 10.3) and it'll only take you a few minutes to download and install. It took about 15 seconds to download and another five to install. 

If you are coming to iOS 10.3.1 from iOS 10.2.1 or something older, your download/installation is going to take a lot longer. 

Due to the file system change and the other features on board, the iPhone 5 iOS 10.3 update took about five minutes to download and upwards of 15 minutes to install on our device. That's abnormal for an iOS update and it means you'll need to pay extra attention to the installation process. 

If you failed to install iOS 10.3, we recommend setting aside 30 quiet minutes where you can monitor both the iOS 10.3.1 download and installation without distractions. Moving onto the update's performance. 

We've been using the iPhone 5 iOS 10.3.1 update a little more than three weeks now and the update has been pretty impressive. We're using the update on an aging AT&T model. 

The iPhone 5's battery continues to work miracles. We haven't noticed any abnormal battery drain during our time with iOS 10.3.1.

If you do notice weird battery drain, take a look at our list of tips. Chances are, it's not iOS 10.3.1 causing your problems.

We've tested the iPhone 5 and its iOS 10.3.1 update with several different ISPs, routers and Bluetooth devices. We haven't noticed any major issues during our time with the upgrade. AT&T's LTE and 4G networks are working fine as well. 

Random reboots were an issue for us on iOS 10.2 but we haven't noticed any during our time on iOS 10.3.1. That's a big improvement.

The most noticeable change, outside of the new features, is to the speed of the device's user interface. Animations and transitions are fast and fluid and we haven't experienced any lag when opening up Control Center. 

We also haven't noticed any lag when opening up and closing folders, something we did see on iOS 10.2.1. The movement is crisp. There's still some jaggedness when opening up some apps but hey, the phone is going on five years old.

iOS 10.3.1 is treating our iPhone 5 well though you'll want to approach the update with a bit of caution if you're having an excellent experience on iOS 10.3 or below. 

For more on the merits of iOS 10.3.1, see our list of reasons to and not to install the iOS 10.3.1 update on your iPhone.

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