GBM InkShow: Axiotron ModBook Review Part 2 – Vista Bootcamp and VMWare

-+*In Part 2 of my Axiotron ModBook InkShow series, I take a look at how the ModBook performs as a Windows Vista based Tablet PC under Bootcamp and under VMWare’s Fusion. In short, Vista Bootcamp provided a near seamless slate tablet pc experience, with the added benefit of having 512 levels of pressure sensitivity and […]

GBM InkShow: Axiotron ModBook Video Review Part 1 – Tour and Software

-+*I’ve been looking forward to reviewing Axiotron’s ModBook ever since it was announced in January 2007. Several weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to finally receive a ModBook and experience an Apple Tablet for the very first time. There is so much to cover on the ModBook, I decided to break this review in to […]

GBM InkShow: Celio Redfly Extended Features

-+*When I did my first InkShow on the Celio Redfly, I got a lot of questions about the extended capabilities of the Redfly, especially the video and the USB. In this InkShow, I go over using the USB ports to add a USB flash drive and using the external VGA port to extend the video […]

GBM Podcast #52: Warner Is Overwhelmed

-+*In Podcast #52, Warner and I talk about all the ultra-portable craziness coming out of Computex, the re-launch of, wondering why Mr. Gates hasn’t called yet, our big HP HDX contest, and everything else that has Warner in a tizzy.   Download Podcast #52 here ( 42 minutes, 39 mb ) Follow us on […]

GBM InkShow: Gathering Around the HP HDX Dragon

-+*We’ve been talking about the HP HDX Dragon for quite a while on, so we thought it was time to give a little review of this mobile entertainment powerhouse. Now, we know that a notebook computer this size is normally out of our coverage area and it pushes the envelope with the whole "mobile" […]

GBM InkShow: GETAC TabletKiosk G840 – Part 1

-+*I have been going over the TabletKiosk G840XT for a while now and have been pretty happy with what I have seen so far!.  The unit still feels really light for a rugged unit, that’s for sure!  I didn’t think I would like the ‘number pad’ at first, but after having it on the unit, […]

GBM InkShow: Kathi Takes On The Lenovo U110 Ultra-Portable

-+*What better way to get to know a piece of new technology than to find out what a non-techie person thinks, right? That is exactly what we aimed for in this InkShow video review featuring my wife, Kathi, and the Lenovo U110. Kathi has been using the Lenovo U110 Ultra-Portable on and off for the […]

GBM Podcast #51: The Birthday Show

-+*In Podcast #51, Warner and I chat about the Axiotron ModBook Tablet, screen protectors, multi-touch, UMPCs, and much more.     Download Podcast #51 here ( 51 minutes, 47 mb ) JawBone 2 Review Screen Protector Review Axiotron ModBook Initial Impressions Loren Heiny’s Samsung UMPC article Follow us on Twitter! Subscribe to our GBM Podcasts via […]

GBM InkShow: Celio REDFLY

-+*I’ve wanted to get my hands on a REDFLY by Celio Corp since I saw their booth at CES. My chance has finally arrived! I’ve been really impressed with the overall build quality and general usefulness of the Redfly. In the video you can see how easy it really is to attach a Windows Mobile […]

GBM Podcast #50: The Half Century Show

-+*In GBM Podcast #50, Matt Faulkner and I get together to talk about the biggest notebook bag ever made by Waterfield Designs, OQO and touch, Lenovo’s U110 Ultra-Portable, TabletKiosk’s Getac G840XT, MobileDemand’s xTablet T8700, and what Loren Heiny is doing with multi-touch. Enjoy! Download the episode #50 ( 33 minutes, 30 mb ) Watch Rob’s […]

GBM InkShow: Tom Bihn Ristretto Bag

-+*  I love bags. I love unwrapping them, trying them out, and having plenty at my disposal to fit different usage needs: small ones for going back and forth to the office, large ones for carrying lots of gear when traveling, etc. In this InkShow, I take a look at the Tom Bihn Ristretto Messenger […]

GBM Podcast #49: There’s No Gloss On This Podcast

-+*Sierra Modro and I sit down and try to wipe the gloss off of our Tablet PCs and other mobile devices as we bring you GBM Podcast #49. Actually, we don’t really, we just talk about this crazy trend towards glossy everything on mobile devices. But we also talk about the Celio RedFly, the HP tx2051, […]

GottaBeMobile April InkShow, Shortcut and Podcast Roundup

-+*April is now behind us, but at least where I live we still seem to be getting quite a few April showers still. No matter, April whether wet or dry was a high water mark for GBM InkShow and Shortcut action. April was also the month in which we welcomed the continued sponsorhsip of our […]

GBM InkShow: Dell Latitude XT and HP tx2051z Go Head-To-Head

-+*Warner and I had a great time at the Microsoft MVP Summit last week. More than the visit to Microsoft, I really enjoyed spending some time with my good friend, Warner. While there, we took the opportunity to record this video, showcasing the Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC and the HP tx2051z Tablet PC. In […]

GBM InkShow: Inking Challenge

-+*I wish I had received the HP tx2051 Entertainment PC before filming this InkShow, but I will soon be doing another Inkshow on that new entry. Nonetheless, this InkShow attempts to show how Inking works for me on three different Tablet PCs: The Lenovo Thinkpad X61, the Fujitsu P1620, and the Motion F5 Rugged Tablet […]

GBM InkShow: An Insane Conversation About InkSeine

-+*Yesterday was totally awesome. Microsoft Research’s Ken Hinckley and Raman Sarin rolled out the red carpet for Warner, Craig Pringle, WNewquay, and myself. We spent the day talking about InkSeine, pen navigation, gestures, ink, Surface, and more. Another highlight was visiting with Andy Wilson, the man behind Surface. While visiting and talking Tablet, we taped […]

GBM InkShow: Latitude XT Ink and Touch Video Review

-+*Dell’s entry in to the Tablet PC space was a highly anticipated one. Being so late to the game, they needed something to set themselves apart from their competition. That differentiator is the N-Trig digitizer allowing for capacitive touch + ink with the promise for multi-touch. So how did they do with the Latitude XT […]

GBM InkShow: Thomasin Takes On The HP 2133 Mini-Note

-+*When my wife, Thomasin, got her hands on the Asus Eee PC back in December, she had some reservations about the tiny little ultra-portable that shook the mobile space. But she seems to have overcome those as it is now difficult to pry the Eee PC out of her hands. So, I was very anxious […]

GBM Podcast #48: The Ultra Low-Cost PodCast Show

-+*In this podcast, Warner and I catch up on all the latest happenings in the Tablet PC and Ultra-Portable space: the Ultra Low-Cost PC, Dell’s Latitude XT,  Fujitsu’s P1620, Motion’s F5, and HP’s 2133 Mini-Note. We have an ultra good time and hope you do as well. Enjoy! Download the episode #48 here ( 38 […]

GBM Inkshow: The HP 2133 Mini-Note

-+*The HP 2133 Mini-Note has been eagerly anticipated for awhile as the focus shifts more and more towards the growing ultra-portable, er… excuse me Ultra-Low-Cost PC market. HP has gone on record saying that “you won’t even need to consider this purchase. You’ll buy it like a handphone without a thought.” Well, starting at $499 […]