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10 Cool Things the Galaxy S10 Can Do



Pack up to 1.5TB of Storage

Pack up to 1.5TB of Storage

A year or two ago most people only had 32 or maybe 64GB of storage on their phone. Samsung constantly made fun of Apple users who didn't have enough space to take photos. 

Well, to back that up, Samsung's Galaxy S10+ has more storage than almost any smartphone on the planet. You can get a model capable of 1,500GB of space, or 1.5TB of internal storage.

Samsung offers the bigger Galaxy S10+ in 128GB, 512GB or a 1TB storage model. Plus, the phones support microSD expansion too, unlike most phones. 

So, buy the 1TB model and a 512GB microSD card and you'll have over 1.5TB of storage space in your pocket. Insane!

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