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10 FIFA 17 Tips & Tricks



These are the FIFA 17 tips and tricks you need to win more games, use the new features and dominate on the pitch.

EA Sports adds new FIFA 17 controls and options to the game as well as a brand new story mode that is worth exploring.

Whether you are a beginner or a returning pro, we’ll help you do more with these FIFA 17 tips and tricks.

The only FIFA 17 tips and tricks you need to win more games.

The only FIFA 17 tips and tricks you need to win more games.

Use these FIFA 17 tips and tricks to put shots on goal and have more fun while you play this year’s installment.

How to Score More Goals in FIFA 17

Simply put the best way to score more goals in FIFA 17 is to exploit the overpowered header. So far scoring with a header is one of the easiest options in the game.

You’ll want to cross the ball into the center, just outside of the smaller box and then hold shoot and then tap shoot again to make a driven header — that is powerful and aimed at goal.

We may see a FIFA 17 update tone down the power of headers, but until that happens this is your best bet. If you’ve having trouble with the cross, try to draw a corner kick and then run a set play to head the ball in.

How to Corner Kick in FIFA 17

Executing a good corner kick in FIFA 17 is essential. You’ll need to learn how to use the new corner kick mechanic and the new set pieces.

Move the cursor where you want the ball to go and hold X on Xbox One to send the ball into the mixer. You can also use the new set pieces to line up a great play in the box.

How to Shoot a Driven Shot in FIFA 17

FIFA 17 finally solves the problem of kicking a powerful shot without sending the ball 20 feet over the goal.

You can now take a driven shot that is powerful and driven. The driven part means it is going more level with the ground. Second to headers, this is the best way to score.

Press and hold shoot until the bar hits about 3 bars worth and then tap shoot to kick a driven shot. You still need to control the side-to-side direction of the shot, but now it shouldn’t blow over the goal.

How to Send a Better Through Pass

Look for opportunities to send a Threaded Through Pass.

Look for opportunities to send a Threaded Through Pass.

Do you need to get through passes through a tight row of defenders? Yeah, same here. With a threaded through pass you can “thread” the ball through more opponents.

Hold RB or R1 when you press Y or Triangle and you will kick the ball through to a running player with better accuracy.

How to Send a Low Cross

Send a low cross to deliver a better chance at scoring in some situations.

Send a low cross to deliver a better chance at scoring in some situations.

When you need to get the ball in the middle but you don’t want it flying through the air with a lot of lift you can send a Low Cross.

Triple tap the cross button to send a low cross to the middle and allow your striker to drive one home.

How to Protect the Ball in FIFA 17

New for FIFA 17 is a shielding technique that allows you to protect the ball from defenders and then go for the score.

This is called Shielding, and it is much better than the protect feature in FIFA 16.

Hold L2 or Left trigger to use the new shielding feature. When you protect the ball, you can move left or right to get around a defender while you have the ball.

When you do this you need to move to the right or left, and you need to look for an open player to pass to.

How to Defend Better in FIFA 17

Slide tackling is tough in FIFA 17. Many times it will push the ball to your opponent or result in a foul.

Instead, you should learn when to use the defensive moves that can stop your opponent dead in their tracks. The video above walks you through;

  1. How to use the Jockey Movement
  2. How to do a Standing Tackle the Right Way
  3. When to Slide Tackle
  4. How to Push Your Opponent
  5. How to use the 2nd Man Support

If you can master, or at least learn, these FIFA 17 defensive options you’ll start to shut down your opponent and give yourself more chances on offense.

How to Dribble Better in FIFA 17

This video will show you how to use Face Up dribbling, which is overpowered, and a great way to beat your opponents.

Press and hold both trigger buttons to move to the left, right or back to create space and fake out the defender so you can pass or score.

You can exit the dribble by pressing sprint, to quickly run to one side with the ball.

Watch the video to learn how to use this and see the great times to use this feature.

Play the FIFA 17 Drills

Before you start playing online, it is a good idea to spend an hour or two in the FIFA 17 drills.

These are available right on the home screen and will help you practice all of the new FIFA 17 features that can help you become a better player.

You absolutely need to learn how to execute the controls and to help catch your team mates up to you.

FIFA 17 Settings to Change

You can change some FIFA 17 settings to get an edge. We always turn off auto switching so that we are in complete control of what player we are using. This will prevent the computer from switching you while in pursuit and allow you to tap LB or L1 to switch players when you want to.

In the video above you’ll also learn what settings a FIFA champion adjusts before he plays FIFA 17.

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FIFA 17 Journey Game Mode

FIFA 17 Journey Game Mode

There is now a Story Mode in FIFA 17 called My Journey. You are in charge of a player who is trying to make it in the big leagues. You need to control him on and off the pitch.

Thanks to the Frostbite engine the game can render the field, the manager's office and your apartment as you try to navigate the complexities of playing on the field and making the right decisions off it.

You are Alex Hunter an up and coming player in the Premier League. You can play on any club in the league, but you cannot create your own player -- you need to control Alex.

The game will change based on your performance on the field and decisions you make off of it. This includes your career and it will influence how other characters react to you.

This mode is not in FIFA 16, and is completely new for 2016 and FIFA 17.

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