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10 Neat Things the OnePlus 5T Can Do



Portrait Mode Photography

Portrait Mode Photography

The OnePlus 5T camera might not be as great as the Galaxy Note 8 or the iPhone X, but it's pretty close. Especially considering the price of the phone. 

The way the two cameras on the 5T work is a little different than most dual-camera phones, in that one helps with low-light performance. It doesn't offer a wide angle like LG, or zoom in close like the iPhone. However, it does take great photos. 

Fire up the OnePlus 5T camera and swipe left until you see the depth effect icon on the screen. That, or select it from the options. Now, when you take a photo it adds a beautiful blur or bokeh effect typically reserved for high-end cameras. 

Portrait photography is one of the best new features on smartphone cameras, and the 5T does it pretty well.  

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