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10 Neat Things the OnePlus 5T Can Do



Better Audio with Bluetooth 5.0

Better Audio with Bluetooth 5.0

One area that received an upgrade that most people aren't talking about is Bluetooth. Yes, the OnePlus 5T has Bluetooth 5.0. This doesn't mean you can stream audio to multiple devices (like the Galaxy S8) as there's some misinformation about that. 

However, BT5 does allow for some neat things. For one, it increases the speed of Bluetooth by around 800% compared to previous versions. At least the BT LE aspect. IT also delivers multi-channel and directional audio. 

BT5.0 increases the range from 30 feet to over 120 feet, too, which is a pretty big deal. You can basically connect quickly and then stream audio to anywhere in your house, instead of losing the BT connection when you go in another room or upstairs. 

Overall BT5.0 connects faster, it's more stable, and it's also faster and further reaching. So enjoy it. 

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