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10 Things to Do Before Installing Android Pie



Gather Your Login Information

Gather Your Login Information

There's a chance Android Pie's installation will log you out of some of your important applications and services. This can be extremely annoying so we always recommend tracking down your login info ahead of time. 

If the Android Pie update logs you out of your core apps and services and you don't know your login information, you might find yourself wasting time logging back in. This could lead to unnecessary delays at work, at school, or on a night where you just want to relax. 

If aren't sure you know all your login information or you simply haven't had to login to Google or any of your other apps or services in awhile, make sure you track down your user names and passwords before you initiate the Android Pie download and installation.  

This way you can login (if you need to) and start using your favorite software right away. 

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