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9 Things to Do Before Installing macOS High Sierra



Check App Reviews, Compatibility and Update

Check App Reviews, Compatibility and Update

Some of your favorite Mac apps will not work with macOS High Sierra right out of the box, and others may need an update installed to work with the new version of macOS. 

You need to check for updates before you install macOS High Sierra and you need to read reviews about those apps. This is especially important if you use apps for work or school that are not the most popular in the world. Some of these may not be ready for macOS High Sierra for a few weeks or months. 

You can check directly with the developer of these apps, check the app store for reviews and updates or use built-in update tools and read the changes to see if they mention macOS High Sierra compatibility. If you are brave, you may be able to install a beta of the app that comes with macOS High Sierra support. 

We also recommend checking this list of apps that work and don't work with macOS High Sierra



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