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9 Things to Do Before Installing macOS High Sierra



Talk to Your IT Department

Talk to Your IT Department

Do you use a Mac for work? Even if you are using your own Mac, you need to check with IT before you update your computer. There is likely someone in that department who has been testing your company's most used apps and services with macOS High Sierra, and they will know if you can safely upgrade to High Sierra and still get work done. 

We've seen major issues with Enterprise software and services on macOS and iOS after updates, and they may recommend that you wait a few days or few weeks to install the update. There is a major issue with and Exchange emails on iOS 11, that means some users cannot send emails. 

Your IT department will know about these and likely has a plan or a timeline for upgrades. This is a must, even if you only use your Mac as a work from home machine.  



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