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9 Things to Do Before Installing macOS High Sierra



Decide If You're Upgrading or Doing a Clean Install

Decide If You're Upgrading or Doing a Clean Install

You can upgrade to macOS High Sierra which keeps all your apps and data on your machine. Or, you can do a clean install of macOS High Sierra which gives you a fresh start. 

If you have a newer Mac or you did a clean install of macOS Sierra last year, you can probably go ahead and perform a straight upgrade that keeps all your data on your Mac. 

If you have many problems with your Mac and the last time you did a clean install was years ago, you may want to go this route. It wipes your Mac and gives you a fresh start. When you do this and then setup your Mac as a new Mac, you can solve many lingering problems. It's more involved, but can be useful for people who are having problems before the upgrade. 



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