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15 Best LG V20 Cases



VRS Design High Pro Shield

VRS Design High Pro Shield

Last but certainly not least is the VRS Design High Pro Shield. This company is quickly becoming like Spigen, by making quality cases in a slew of different designs. For now only the High Pro Shield is available, with an included kickstand, but it comes in multiple different colors or finishes. 

VRS Design uses a metallic finish to the plastic edges giving it a premium look, even if it's a typical cheap case. And when we say cheap we don't mean it won't protect your phone, because it will. The kickstand is just an added bonus. It's slim, well made, and too has beveled edges around the camera and fingerprint sensor for a clean look and ease of use. We like the Black and Satin silver, but there are other colors available for those interested. 

Buy it Now on Amazon for $15.99



  1. liviaemily_6

    10/27/2016 at 6:44 am

    Any V20 phone covers that cover the camera lenses?, after reading they can crack it might be best to get protection for the lenses too.

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