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15 Best LG V20 Cases



OtterBox Defender Series for V20

OtterBox Defender Series for V20

Otterbox needs no introduction, as they've been one of the number 1 brands in device protection for years. Not only that, but they make cases for just about everything. It's always top quality, military grade drop protection, and built like a tank. 

The only problem with Otterbox for me is they're a bit bulky, but some prefer that. It's also pretty expensive, and you could get 2-3 cases for the price of one. Otterbox has a few different models, but the Defender series is the best-seller. 

The three layers of protection, integrated screen cover, and plastic cover over the camera and scanner mean it's fully protected. 

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  1. liviaemily_6

    10/27/2016 at 6:44 am

    Any V20 phone covers that cover the camera lenses?, after reading they can crack it might be best to get protection for the lenses too.

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