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2 Reasons to Buy PUBG for Xbox One & 4 Reasons to Wait



It's Getting Better

It's Getting Better

Unlike most games, PUBG starts at $30. It's cheap because it's simply not as deep as most games and relies on addicting gameplay to suck people in.

It's also under development on the Xbox One which means Bluehole (the developer) still needs to work out (a lot) of kinks. 

Fortunately, its replay value is off the charts and it only stands to improve next year with a brand new desert map. 

The developer recently released a brand new patch that fixes a lot of the game's early problems on the Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Xbox One X. 

Next year, Xbox One fans will get the brand new desert map (called Miramar) that's already available for the Windows PC. We don't have a specific date yet, but it looks like it'll arrive in early 2018. And yes, it should be free for Xbox One owners.

Miramar will mirror the current 8 by 8 kilometer map from the base game and it includes new weapons to pickup and new vehicles to drive.  

This is just the beginning of PUBG's life on the Xbox and most people will get $30 out of the game pretty quickly. 

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