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2 Reasons to Buy PUBG for Xbox One & 4 Reasons to Wait



PUBG is Still Extremely Buggy

PUBG is Still Extremely Buggy

The developer's fixed bugs and made some crucial improvements, but PUBG is still a work in progress on the Xbox. 

The game is currently in Microsoft's Game Preview Program which is a fancy term for beta. This is an early version of the game and as such, it's riddled with bugs and performance issues. 

You're going to notice texture problems. You'll encounter frame rate problems. And there's a good chance you'll get disconnected on a regular basis. We recently got disconnected during an epic firefight and it completely ruined the experience. 

There's no getting around these problems, even if you own an Xbox One X. We've been playing the game on Microsoft's new console and we've run into the same problems Xbox One and Xbox One S owners have.

If you can't stand being a guinea pig for a developer, you're probably better off with a more polished game like Battlefront 2, COD: WW2, or Battlefield 1. 

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