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3 Reasons Not to Wait for the 2020 Apple TV 4K and 4 Reasons You Should



Wait for a New Apple TV Remote

Wait for a New Apple TV Remote

With iOS 14 there are indications of the Apple TV 4K getting a new remote control. This is very exciting since the current Siri remote control is a pain point for many users. 

The code details, shared by 9to5Mac, doesn't include much information about what this new remote will bring. The big hope is that this will be a redesign that makes it easy to tell which direction the Apple TV remote is facing. 

We don't expect a game controller style update that pushes a new way to play games. More likely would be a simpler change that allows users to more easily pick up and use the remote.  

The latest Bloomberg report also mentions a new Apple TV remote that includes a Find My Remote feature, which would be very handy. 

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