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3 Reasons Not to Wait for the 2020 Apple TV 4K and 4 Reasons You Should



Wait If You Can Wait Until 2021

Wait If You Can Wait Until 2021

Can you wait a month or two for a new Apple TV 4K in your life? There is a chance that we see the new Apple TV in the next two months, but also a real chance that we do not see it until 2021. 

Prosser says that this new device is ready and that it could ship at any moment. With this in mind, we could see Apple bring this to market at any time. Gurman's report is more cautious, suggesting the new Apple TV might not arrive until 2021.  

We're hopeful, even without another source, that Apple will bring this new model out for the holiday season, but ultimately you may be waiting as long as March 2021 for a new model. 

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