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3 Reasons Not to Wait for the 2020 Apple TV 4K and 4 Reasons You Should



Wait for More Storage

Wait for More Storage

The 2020 Apple TV 4K reportedly doubles the storage options for both models. If you want to game or if you like to keep a ton of apps and movies on your Apple TV, this may be worth waiting for. 

The current Apple TV is available with 32GB and 64GB of storage. Prosser says that Apple plans to include 64GB and 128GB of storage on the Apple TV 4K this year. 

We don't expect a price bump with this upgrade, and it would make sense for Apple to keep the current generation of Apple TV 4K with the A10X and 32GB of storage at $149 and then fill in the upper levels with the 2020 Appel TV 4K. 

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