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Secretlab x Game of Thrones Chairs Offer the Ultimate Binging Comfort



The Secretlab x Game of Thrones chairs are more comfortable than the Iron Throne, but you better watch out because your enemies and even your closest friends may plot to take your personal iron throne when you stand up.

A new collaboration between HBO and Secretlab brings Stark, Lannister and Targaryen themed chairs with beautiful embroidery of the house sigils from Game of Thrones and the chairs are complete with color correct accents. You get Crow Black for House Stark, Gold for the Lannisters and of course black dragonscale for the Targaryen model.

Get a limited edition Secretlab x Game of Thrones gaming chair.

Get a limited edition Secretlab x Game of Thrones gaming chair.

You can get the Secretlab x Game of Thrones chairs in the Omega or the Titan sizes. The Omega chair is designed with users from 5’3″ to 5’9″ and up to 240 pounds while the Titan is for 5’7″ to 6’4″ and up to 290 pounds. With these Game of Thrones themed chairs, you get the same awesome features that we loved in our Secretlab Titan review.

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The Secretlab Omega and Titan are gaming chairs with a comfortable design and highly adjustable arm rests. They also offer a full recline backrest that leans back to an almost impossible angle. This lets you lean back and enjoy re-watching the Winterfell battle scene to see if you can pick up anything in the pitch black. While you’re at it, you may be ready to upgrade to an OLED TV.

You can watch our review of the Secretlab Titan gaming chair above. This is a chair I still use to game with almost every night. It’s comfortable, adjustable and lets me get into the game better than sitting on the couch.

Here’s a closer look at each of the Secretlab x Game of Thrones chairs for each house. The chairs start at $389 for the Omega and $429 for the Titan.

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