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4 Reasons Not to Install Galaxy A Oreo & 6 Reasons You Should



Don't Install If You're Traveling

Don't Install If You're Traveling

If you're preparing to travel or if you're in the middle of a trip, think about waiting until you get back. 

You might be tempted to install Android Oreo while you're out and about, but we've spoken to travelers who bricked their phone or broke an important app/service installing new Android software on their device. 

If you're traveling in a new city with your family or on an important business trip, you're probably relying on your phone. And if your phone is broken, the trip could go sideways.

This is why we always recommend holding off on an installation until you're back at a base of operations. that might be your hotel room, it might be your home. 

The Android Oreo update is an exciting release for the Galaxy A3, Galaxy A5, Galaxy A7 and Galaxy A8, but it can wait until you get back. 

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Fabio

    05/28/2018 at 6:18 am

    Hi, this is a very well written article, cleare and brief, with reasonable suggestions.
    I’d just like to report to you that I’m experiencing severe issues after updating my Samsung Galaxy a3 (2017 ed.). It shows lags, it spontaneously reboot, many apps (even system apps) don’t work properly anymore, etc. All these problems show up randomly after a reboot. I’ve already asked help to a samsung support center (I hope they’ll be able to fix it), I just wanted let you know that some (critical) problems may actually arise after upgrading to Oreo.

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