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4 Reasons Not to Install Galaxy Note 9 Pie Beta & 6 Reasons You Should



Install for the Floating Keyboard

Install for the Floating Keyboard

Samsung's beta comes with a floating mode for the stock Keyboard app. If this sounds familiar you probably used a Samsung Galaxy device running Android KitKat.

Samsung Galaxy devices running Android KitKat had access to a useful floating keyboard. For whatever reason, Samsung decided to ditch the feature after it moved on from KitKat.

Fortunately, the company's decided to bring back the feature in Android Pie and those of you who struggle with the size of the Galaxy Note 9's display might find it extremely useful. 

Android Pie's floating keyboard allows you to move the keyboard around the screen in order to find a sweet spot for two-handed typing. 

So if you've got small hands or typing just feels awkward on the Galaxy Note 9's display, try the Android Pie beta and enable the floating keyboard. 

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