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3 Reasons to Wait for the iPad Air 6 & 4 Reasons Not To



Don't Wait for a Major Overhaul

Don't Wait for a Major Overhaul

Unlike the 2024 iPad Pro's, which has been repeatedly made out to be substantial upgrades over their predecessors, the iPad Air 6 might be a more modest upgrade, much like the rumored iPad mini 7.

Gurman's leak didn't reveal much, but the line "boosts its specifications" doesn't make it feel like the iPad Air 6 will take a massive leap up from the iPad Air 5. We could be wrong, but that's the feeling we get.

Instead, we may see Apple tweak the device's internals to bring it more in line with its Android-powered competitors. Think of it, at least right now, as a refreshed version of the iPad Air 5.

Apple's plans could certainly change, but if you're hoping for a drastically altered design or simply a complete overhaul of the iPad Air line, you'll want to temper your expectations for now.

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