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6 Reasons to Wait for the iPhone 16 & 5 Reasons Not To



Wait for More iPhone 16 Info

Wait for More iPhone 16 Info

If you're on the fence about whether to buy a new device this year or wait for iPhone 16, you may want to wait for the fog to clear a bit.

As of right now we don't a whole lot about the iPhone 16 series. As we noted before, Apple's plans often change during the development process so feature you hear about now may not make the cut into the final product.

As the year goes on, we'll start to hear more about the iPhone 16's other specs and perhaps get a much clearer picture about what to expect from the 2024 iPhone models.

So if you aren't in a hurry, it might be in your best interest to hang back and follow iPhone 16 rumors. They will help you set proper expectations and help you make a well-informed decision regarding your next phone.

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