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4 Reasons Not to Install Galaxy S9 Pie Beta & 13 Reasons You Should



Don't Install If You Haven't Prepared

Don't Install If You Haven't Prepared

Don't install the Android Pie beta on your Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ if you haven't prepared.

While you might be tempted to jump right in with the beta, this isn't smart. This is pre-release software and it could give you some major headaches if you aren't careful.

If you spend a few minutes preparing yourself and your device for the move, it will go a long way toward preventing headaches. 

We recommend checking in with IT (if you have an IT department) before you install the beta because it could have a negative impact on the software you use for your job. 

We also recommend making a backup of your important files, just in case something goes wrong with the installation and your data. 

You'll also want to update your apps, including first-party (Samsung) and third-party apps, with the latest updates. If you don't, they might not work.

For more on the pre-installation process, take a look at our guide.

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1 Comment

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    17 pages when it could have been put on one, pathetic you need all those clicks.

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