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4 Reasons Not to Install Galaxy S9 Pie Beta & 13 Reasons You Should



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Don't Install While Traveling

Don't Install While Traveling

If you're preparing to travel or if you're in the midst of traveling, you should avoid the Galaxy S9 Android Pie until you get back. 

The Galaxy S9 Pie beta is plagued with a variety of bugs and performance issues. There's also a chance the beta bricks your device or wipes the data stored on your phone.

We've spoken to beta users over the years who've been left with a busted device/app/service because they decided to try unreleased software.

Having a full functional phone is important when you're traveling in a place you've never been or during an important business trip with colleagues. 

If your Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9+ is your only phone, it's a good idea to stay on official software for the duration of your trip.

There's no reason to jeopardize a fun family trip or important meeting. The Galaxy S9 Pie beta isn't going anywhere.

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1 Comment

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    17 pages when it could have been put on one, pathetic you need all those clicks.

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