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5 Amazing and Unique Android Apps



There are well over a million apps on the Google Play Store. So many in fact, that many of the most unique, amazing, or feature-packed apps made aren’t ever found by most Android users. This list could very well be 50-100 apps long, but for now I’m sharing five amazing apps I’ve started using lately that most people have probably never heard of.

We’ve round-up lists of awesome apps time and time again. We have a list of 108 of the Best iPhone Apps, 80 Best Nexus 6 Apps and many similar posts with unique or popular apps most owners should try. However, rather than sharing a huge list, here are a few unique ones everyone will love.

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Typically the most popular, common, or well-known apps are the ones shown on the Google Play Store main pages. They’re at the top of search results based on popularity, and other search methods for populating apps when a user searches. As a result, finding amazing and unique apps is rather hard. With that in mind, we have a few worth downloading.


Most Android smartphone owners get a new device and download the basics, if they aren’t installed already. You add Facebook, Instagram, download some games, maybe a few movies, or other random apps you’ve seen in the past. That’s about it. Actually digging around for truly unique apps that do things no other apps do, is what we want to share here.

Above is a list of 10 things most people probably never knew their smartphone could do, which has some awesome apps by itself. We’re adding to that by sharing five impressive apps in the slideshow below. Yes Pocket or Tasker are both apps with features we’ve seen in other apps, but they do it best.

These are five apps I’ve been using over the past 2-3 weeks on my Android smartphones and tablets, and now that I have them, I would never go without. Smartphones can do amazing things with the right hardware and software, and that’s what users will get if they try some of the apps we’ve outlined below.

Tunity: Hear any muted TV

Tunity: Hear any muted TV

Recently a friend showed me an app called Tunity that's available on the Google Play Store. This app is simply amazing, and very useful. Especially for those who travel.

Tunity will let users hear any muted TV. Whether you're at school, the airport, traveling, or at the doctors office and would like to hear what's on TV rather than reading the caption, download this app.

Simply open Tunity, point it at the TV and let the app scan it. Tunity then uses some sort of magic and finds a live audio stream of whatever is being display on the TV, and plays it on your Android smartphone or tablet. This can be enjoyed on the device, or with headphones.

Another excellent idea is keep the TV on, turn the volume off, yet still enjoy the sound without bothering friends or family around you. It's actually pretty amazing, works way better than I expected with sports, and is one of my favorite Android apps as of late.

Download - Tunity



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